Saturday, November 17, 2007

And the Blogging Begins . . .

And we're off! Yet another reason for my family and extended family to believe that I 1-know everything, 2-know where everything is, and 3-am some kind of genius techophile.

All of which, of course, are untrue. But of course don't tell them that!

Today on the WW front: I am counting the points and stuffing my mouth full of Crows. Crows are licorice-flavored "Dots," or simply gumdrops that are black and licoricy. They're far too sticky for my taste. There's simply nothing worse than a bunch of candy sticking to your teeth as you attempt to chew or talk or the like. On the other hand, it's nice to have a bit of licoricy sweetness stuck in your teeth later when you've finished that bag of popcorn.

My new sweet obsession is Gobstoppers. Jeesh, where do they come up with these names? We had them at the swim meet last night as I watched Kids #3 and #4 swim as fast and as far as they could. The Gobstoppers just kept coming; one of the moms at the scoring table (where I sat doing nothing, trying to look as if I were helping, smiling at all the people who actually did know what they were doing) had them and we were all popping them like uppers.

Do they even use the term "uppers" anymore? Good grief, I am no longer a With-It Mom. All I really know for sure about drugs is that Pixie Stix are for those children who apparently can't afford crack.

And back to the sweet obsession, these Gobstoppers are the ultimate. You can't crack them open with your teeth without risking losing one, so they purposely make you wait. They are the ultimate in candy goodness for the person trying to lose weight. You have no choice but to wait and suck down the candy outside before gently cracking into the sweet-tart inside. Yum.

Of course, there is simply no substitute for chocolate in any form. Nuff said.