Saturday, January 12, 2008

If only parenting were in the category of instant gratification.

You know, you try and work and worry and teach and sermonise and rant and encourage and wonder. And once in awhile, your child will do something that totally blows your mind. My neo-gothic-lolita-moody-angst-ridden-artistic little Buglet sent me this. I am speechless:

Just a poem I wrote....

Painful Sorrow

I feel painful sorrow
As I look upon the decay of the Earth
The sight of the corrupt nations falling
It hurts my heart to gaze downward at the people
And I feel the chaos grow in cities
With faith in the Lord forgotten and ignored
I feel such painful sorrow

I feel painful sorrow
For those who rebel at the sense of God
They hide in the darkness
Refusing to see past their shell of anger
Listening closely to Satanʼs whisper
Searching in the gloom
Trying to find something to fill their emptiness
For they are doomed to suffer
Smoldering in Luciferʼs realm
I feel such painful sorrow

I feel painful sorrow
But I discover hope
I can distinguish the soft glow of soldiers
Shimmering with their armor of light
These are the bought individuals
Who carry the flame of the Spirit
They walk among the shadows
Recovering souls of the lost
For they see the painful sorrow

I feel painful sorrow
For the lonesome warrior
Seeking others with the holy blaze
But they only perceive isolation
You are not alone young believer
There are guardians among you
The army of God grows steadily
You are never alone
God will relieve your painful sorrow

I feel painful sorrow
But I need not worry
For there is a constant unseen battle
The Angels are always on guard
Fighting off the disgusting deceitful demons
They lovingly protect the Lords children
And encourage those who have been wounded
They are the generals of Godʼs military
Softly lifting the painful sorrow

I feel painful sorrow
But I will never give up
For I am one of many Christians
Who has been given a quest by Jesus
I will join the others
And we will continue our journey together
To find and save the ones who stumble
And pull them from the void
We will conquer this painful sorrow
We will win this war


Christy Sews said...


Christy Sews said...

Jen -- I have absolutely no idea what I would do with you. No matter what, you give me a boost during these crazy days. I'm actually feeling so very crazy today, that I'm going to skip my lunch hour in favor of going to mass. I need some quiet time to unwind. As for the bib -- those pins sticking me in the hand every time I came across them really did hurt.

Christy Sews said...

I just looked at my post. That picture of me is so, not good.