Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hi, my name's Jen, and I'm a Zumaholic.

Zuma. Anybody know what this is? It is a creation straight from the pit of hell, right there alongside crystal meth and vodka. It is my stress-releaser. Sometimes, you know, I just wanna shoot some balls.

And then -- 2 hours have gone by and the girls are complaining that I've been at the computer too long. Do ya THINK I've gotten any painting done? Heck no!

I went out to the shed to get some primer for the baseboards in the laundry room. This resulted in about an hour's worth of clearing all the junk off the worktable in that small space, and moving all the paint cans out of the narrow walkway onto the table, and getting a bicycle out of there and onto the covered porch, and getting 2 other bikes and the little red wagon (yes, we still have one) onto the porch. I did manage to find a paintbrush and small paint container, as well as the primer. But I never did make it into the laundry room to actually do any painting.

I also went out there looking for blue paint the other day, as you may recall -- I tried no less than 3 shades of blue on my bedroom walls. Apparently I had forgotten to mark the paint can! Now I have 3 more swatches of blue paint on my bedroom wall that decidedly do NOT match my bedroom color of blue. The only think I can figure is that I must have used up all the bedroom paint and thrown away the empty can.

Ok then! I won't work with the blue after all! I got a can of a beautiful creamy buttery color yesterday, and I guess I'll be repainting my bedroom!
However, I did manage to give the dog a bath an a haircut and an ear cleaning. He's so cute.

I also had to do some shopping earlier this week, because when I went in there to help JB with the orange in the laundry room, I got a little paint on my jeans. My only jeans that fit. I can't lose weight enough to make the skinny jeans fit, so off I went to shop for new ones. While I found some, I also found the cutest little cotton skirt in a navy cotton dotted with tiny white. My favourite thing in my closet is a blue floral skirt, same design, both from Goody's. Even though I realise I could easily make this adorable skirt, I bought it anyway. I'd rather make some kind of gorgeous vintage dress. And then there are the endless requests for more purses and capes and dresses and you name it from not just my daughters, but my good friends as well!

We are down to 2 daughters again today, briefly, just Bug and Baby. Bug is coughing like a person in a TB ward -- she often gets laryngitis and because she's a small person, she gets a croupy cough. At 17 years old, no less! So she's hacking and croaking upstairs. Rose is off having spent the night with a friend, JB spent the night with another friend and is heading to NC State today to join Bunny watching our swim team compete at the state finals. Hunk 'O Man is crunching away on the Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch I bought yesterday.

I am trying an experiment. I put the bag of 3 boxes of cereal on the table yesterday, and I am curious to see if anyone at all (remember, these are all virtually adults here) will put them away in the pantry. I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I'm getting another cup of coffee . And maybe -- shooting some balls -- somebody stop me!


Christy Sews said...

Jen, thanks so much for the kind words. I'm grateful to be home. Thanks be to God that I was able to fly in and out, on time, in between storm fronts. Zuma huh? I won't try that. That's all I'll do if I try it. I have a hard enough time when I tell hubby that I WILL NOT play Resident Evil and then play Resident Evil. Zombies are annoying. They keep getting up after you shoot them! I love the aprons and am dying to know ... did anyone put the cereal away???

Christy Sews said...

Hi Jen! How are you doing? I'm actually at home today b/c I felt so awful. I've spent most of the day thus far wandering around the house, pulling out fabric and then putting it back. I think I might actually do some cutting today just for fun. I have to admit, I had an easier time blogging with the pictures and just providing commentary. When I say I'm a scattered thinker, I really mean it. How goes the painting? I'm back to square one on the apron for the swap. Found more pinks. I'm getting ready to lay them all out and see what happens and then cut out one of the Vanilla House Sunday Dinner Aprons so I can give it a trial run. Off to the slow but steady races!!