Friday, February 8, 2008

Now appearing for a limited engagament in the Wesner's Van: Bunny!

I am still under the weather. Sore throat, fatigue, headache. However, the weather here is gorgeous; warm and beautiful and sunny. What is going on?

I was chauffeured yesterday to Sam's Club and back again by the Bunny, (complete with driver's permit) who provides nonstop entertainment. I swear she is the funniest person I know. She talks so fast that I sometimes worry that I'm a little deranged because I can actually understand her.

So we are restocked with all the essentials. Upon arriving home, I decided to do another load of laundry, and realised that the door still needs fixing. When we moved into this house, the previous owners had a cat. Apologies to all you cat lovers out there -- but I can't stand the things. They make me sneeze, they make my nose itch, they're arrogant and sneaky. Give me a dog anyday.

Anyway, they cut a hole in the door for one of those flap thingys that allows a cat to go in and out of a door. But they never put the flap thingy in -- they just left the hole in the door. Of course this is where Indy sleeps at night, and we can't have him getting out. So previously I put a sheet of plexiglass on the door to block the opening. It worked . . . for awhile. . . until he tore into the plexi and ripped it off. So we've been putting a cutting board held up by a large jug of bleach to block the door.

But last night, I decided to remedy the problem again. I already had another piece of plexi that I'd gotten at Lowe's -- much thicker this time, so I got out the drill and some screws and I put that baby up. Finally now all we have to do at night is shut the door. Much nicer.

After dinner, I whipped up a little purse for JB. She'd been asking for one, and I had two placemats from Dollar Tree which which I wanted to experiment. So I came up with this:

A rather pitiful job of construction, I have to say -- I wasn't happy with my sewing skills on this one. I'm much better than this! But the kudos from all the girls was worth it. There were comments of "Mama! It's so cute! Will you make me one?" all round. Today I'll put the handle on. It takes hammering a grommet in and then using keychain rings to affix it. I didn't much feel like going out on the porch last night and hammering away, so I saved the work for today.

It's two placemats, taken apart, a stripe for the outside and a plaid for the inside. I suppose it could be reversible, but I'm not sure I'd want all that stitching showing. The plaid was supposed to be the outside, but the casing for the elastic was a brown grosgrain ribbon, and the stitching showed up too obviously.

The inside pocket stitching also showed too obviously on the outside. This is the inside, and you can see all that stitching I did on the outside -- mostly to cover up the stitching from this pocket I did on the inside! The outside pocket is larger, and you can tell where it is from this stitching that so glaringly shows up.
so I put a grosgrain ribbon-bound pocket on the outside. The top is elasticized with a grosgrain ribbon casing. Again, originally the plaid was supposed to be the outside of the purse, but I rather liked the ribbon showing. The ends have narrow pockets made from the backside of one of the placemats. The pockets and strap are made from the same backsides. Note the slop job on the pocket with the corner turned down:

The clasp is just a grosgrain ribbon that hooks around a large button, which came on a card of 3 from Wal-Mart.

My Etsy shop is doing great! I've sold an apron! I have all sorts of new designs in my head, and shopped all night last night to my heart's content -- on the web! Mostly Ebay, but I'm watching some cotton prints for dresses. I should have been shopping for shoes. I need a nice little pair of white ballet flats, and just need to look around seriously to find a pair.

Today is (hopefully) more aprons and purses. Maybe I'll even cut out that jumper I want to do, Simplicity 3673 from a cute babywale cord that I got on Ebay. So many pretty things, and so little time. I want to start experimenting with my embroidery machine as well.

And it's pizza night . . .
And there's laundry . . .
And I have to ship something I sold on Ebay . . .
And design my yard for this year . . .

I think I need at least one more life to get all this done. Pity I don't believe in reincarnation. Then again, heaven's going to afford me all the time I need to create all the beauty I like!

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Looks like you are doing really well on this diet. I had trouble. I am really envious but happy for you.