Friday, March 21, 2008

France and Other Locations Over the Rainbow

My french daughter has checked in twice and I am missing her. She is such a sweetie. She sent photos they took while here --

the morning they left to go back to France --

the night before they left, at the farewell dinner --

and horsing around on the beach during the Beaufort trip --

We all miss her a lot. We got her a hoodie/sweatshirt for her birthday that is just like our high school team sweatshirts, and had her name printed on the back. So she is officially part of our high school and definitely a part of our family!

I am sewing Easter skirts. It's a simple pattern, albeit old (not quite vintage yet -- from the 80's, I think). The nice thing is that I can put pockets in it. I saw this wondefully cute outfit while blog reading one evening -- a pleated skirt of an pastel aqua pin-dot print with a little pink v-necked cardigan. I was thinking I'd go with some poly gingham skirts ($1/yd at our local walmart, and I liked the idea because this gingham is like crepe-de-chine in the way it drapes, very soft and light). But when I saw this fabric, I had to have it.

We've paired up all the colors, so the person with the green skirt gets a purple top and the person with the purple skirt gets a green one, etc. I'll give you photos when they're all done -- but at least I've got Easter outfits under control.

I also got these to add to the stash for future aprons on Etsy.

On the subject of My Daughter Should Have Been the Star, I have this to report:

I have seen the play and Dorothy is. . . well, let's just say that if she were my kid I'd be fighting the critics, lemme tellya.

She spoke the entire play in some kind of falsetto voice that sounded like Rocky the Flying Squirrel.

She couldn't sing. (Baby says she's had laryngitis. Uh-huh, right.)

She acted like a 15-year old from a small town would act. Probaby because she's a 15-year old from a small town.

On the other hand, the rest of the play was great. The adult roles were fantastic, especially the scarecrow. The wicked witch was scary. The special effects were pretty good. And the best part was when the head Winkie steps up after Dorothy throws the water on the wicked witch, melts her, and he says in his 10-year old young boy's soprano voice, quite without enthusiasm,

"Hay-yell Dorothy. The Wicked Witch is day-ed."

Apparently the Head Winkie is from South Oz.

Thought I might lose it and fall out of my seat laughing on that one, but I recovered. Whew.

The other best part of this production was that we saw it during a matinee performance, along with about 1300 other schoolchildren aged 8 and under. The audience participation was priceless, especially when Toto (a real live Yorkie) got lost a couple of times. Apparently everyone but Dorothy knew where he was.

And there at the end, when Dorothy is laying on the stage, and Mr. Gale and Zeke are out looking for her in the audience, calling her name, there was a huge amount of pointing and yelling "over there! Over there!"

Munchkins indeed. The entertainment just never stops around here.

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Christy Sews said...

I am so loving those polka dots!!! They rock! The Verizon thing didn't work out today. They only had phone and computer on the list even though I talked to them yesterday and made sure we had tv. My husband didn't want the guy that came to do anything due to his "this is going to take all day" attitude. Given that everything happens for a reason, I just trust that God knows what he is doing and I rescheduled. So, I'm up and running and found my stash of Japanese fabric. Aahhh. Even put together my sewing chair. And I haven't done anything else. Of course, giving up my reading spot tonight turned out to be a good thing. It's raining and my husband got called into work. They had a bring back on a liver transplant -- 12 hours. So, I would have had to take him to work and then pick him up at 5:00 a.m., when they are scheduled to end. Instead, mom and I can attend 8:45 mass (wish me luck -- parking and seating is atrocious on Easter Sunday). But I can't wait to hear the bells, sing the Gloria and hear "Christ is Risen" -- "Indeed He is Risen", which we get to say three times. I'm too excited. It will be my first Easter Sunday in years that I've just been able to go and enjoy the mass. The car situation didn't work out for Palm Sunday, and mom didn't want to go to Good Friday services, so I'm excited to see how the mass affects me tomorrow. Maybe some time away will turn out to be a good thing.

Happy Easter and good luck with the skirts!