Thursday, April 10, 2008

God Laughs

I am reeling with disappointment.

I had scheduled a trip to Indianapolis. It was to encompass several things -- the Indiana Homeschooling Convention, a meeting in Ohio with my family and seeing my Mama, and my yearly doctor's checkup. Hunk O Man is going to a Small Groups Conference in Cincinnati and seeing his Mama in northern Ohio. We got the airline tickets for Hunk O Man and I dirt cheap, and were going to fly together to Columbus, OH, on Thursday next, and then split up and get back together on Sunday night and fly back Monday.

Then the airline went out of business. No kidding. I worked for Southwest Airlines for 3 years and never did I hear of an airline actually going out of business. Going bankrupt, sure. Being bought out by another airline, sure. But out of business? Completely?

Nothing like God telling you "Listen, Missy, I don't want you going on this trip."

I rebooked Hunk O Man because it's a business trip for him -- but it turns out to be a little too much money to rebook me. And here's the thing:

It was my girlfriend weekend. Chocolate, talking all night, playing cards, and Penne Med at Bravo. Great coffee. The deepening of already bottomlessly deep relationship with my three best girlfriends.

That alone should have necessitated me throwing all budgeting wisdom to the wind and getting on any airplane available right now. But I thought about it, really I did. Rose's junior prom is that Friday. The Library Book Sale is Saturday, as is an Open House for the Michiganders Francais. Baby and JB may start World War III if left alone for an entire weekend. And -- it's just too much money. My flight would have cost as much as both our flights cost previously. And then there's the rental car to get from Columbus to Indy and back.

So, shoot! Dang! Puke in the bucket! Stinkin' puke in the bucket!
(this is all Christian swearing in case you wondered)

Well, I am dealing. Actually I'm dealing rather well, although I did get a little snippy yesterday during the discussion about the summer vacation and how it might just not work for us to get to Indiana -- and whether or not I'd get my weekend then. Or rather, whether or not I'd doggone well better get my weekend then!

I am serious about this life diet thing. I took the cable box back to the company and downgraded us from digital to expanded basic cable. I cancelled my Costco membership today after not having a Costco locally convenient for 3 years (I already have a Sam's Club membership, and having 2 is just stupid). Hunk O Man said yesterday, "Hey, we can go to the Steven Curtis Chapman concert on Saturday night!" I replied, "Nope, honey, we really can't. We can't afford it." He glumly agreed. This being on a budget thing and sticking to it is a serious pain in the patootie.

I know it will all pay off in the end, but I DO NOT LIKE IT, SAM I AM. I feel like a little kid, staring at God, and saying "Ok, I'll obey, but I'm not gonna like it!"

God is still laughing at me. I am glad I amuse Him.

God gets a lot of good laughs out of me. There was once when I was obsessing over having a picked-up house with 3 preschoolers, a toddler, and a baby. I told them "You're pigs! You're all pigs! If you're going to act like pigs, then I'll treat you like pigs!" We had hardwood floors, and I made the usual PB&J + yogurt + raisins for lunch and I put it all on the floor in the kitchen. So there, I thought! Take that!

Of course the girls gleefully thought we were having a picnic and squealed in delight! Can we really eat on the floor? Cool!

This was not the way I wanted it to go. I was mad. And God and my girls were having a good laugh.

So I had one too. After all, it was kind of funny.

When I don't get it, or when I'm frustrated with Him, I know He's smiling. Because He loves me and I am His princess and the sun rises and sets on me. He even gave His life for me.

Not even girlfriend weekend can compare with that.


angeljoy said...

try "shoot fire and brimstone" next time you want to cuss. I find it very theraputic.

Trina said...

here's a little Christian cussing I picked up from my mother-in-law. Shoot a Monkey. And I say it all the time now! LOL