Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A little PS to Spring Break

I found these at Target. They are incredibly soft.

They are also bamboo. Hunk O Man didn't believe it when we put them on the bed.

"These ARE soft."
"Yep, they're bamboo."
"No way."
"Yep, way."
"Ok. Whatever."

Hunk O Man is not fond of bamboo in particular, except to point out our gorgeous wood bamboo flooring which covers the entire downstairs and was a real pain in the neck for him to personally install last summer.

As Hunk O Man puts it, he didn't "get the handyman gene from his dad." However, he successfully laid several hundred square feet of beautiful flooring. Bamboo flooring. He forever ruined his reputation as The Man Who Cannot Fix Stuff or Do Handyman Things.

You see why he was a little confused about the sheets. They really are unbelieveably soft.


tammiemarie said...

I bought some of those in a bright green for my daughter's bed, and I want some for me! They are really nice, and they wash well.

Mom2fur said...

I have these in blue! They really are nice!