Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Newest Obsession

In reading all those posts yesterday about fashion, I started thinking about the new purse I just got.

Yep, I've officially got me a purse fetish. I freely admit it. It used to be watches. Now it's purses.
It could be worse, though. It could be shoes -- which I HATE shopping for -- or diamond tennis bracelets. It could be a hunger for God's word. I wish! Unfortunately, I live in America, land of advertising on television and my computer and everywhere else I look. Not that it's an excuse, mind you -- but it certainly explains my purse fetish.

I've been eyeing those biggerish ones that have recently hit the market ever since my French daughter arrived and she carried one. Hmmm, I thought. My purse is always crammed way too full. Instead of thinking I need to downsize the stuff, maybe I should upsize the purse. In keeping with the current fashion and all. Cause I live in America, home of all things biggerish.

A brief rambling tangent: I always have carried a small purse. I think I do this because I am tall and it is the way I compensate for wanting to be shorter and smaller. I think this theory also may apply to larger women with high voices; we are all so danged insecure so we do a thing our subconscious ridiculuously suggests will offset the thing we don't like. It's nice to know that I'm not the only crazy one.

And for those of you who detest being short -- I told my 4'11" mother-in-law recently that it's not so great being tall, either. Why, you ask? Because you're always in the service of the short people.

So back to the purses. I have a small collection of ones I've carried recently (pay no attention to the messy closet shelves):

I even make them.
But I am not really a fabric purse kinda girl. I'm a leather/plastic purse kinda girl.

So I found this one at Ross. It's an XOXO.

I know! Perfect for summer!

Unfortunately, there was no way to organise everything I need to place inside it. This was a problem. The theoretical physicists who theorise about black holes apparently haven't looked inside an unorganised purse recently. Valid proof they exist right there, no mathematical computations needed. Me, I am impatient. I need my keys and my lip gloss RIGHT NOW.

So I went online and investigated purse organisers. There are several out there, and all actually really good. You could recommend your favourite if you like, I'd love to hear what works for you!

Well, I opted for the Purseket. Except I wasn't going to spend $20 on something I could easily make. So I made one. It took about an hour and there are numerous tutorials online that tell you how. I just figured it out, because I always like to do the telling instead of being told.

Not that I'm a control freak or anything.

I think in the future, if I make these again (which I plan to do), I'll make them cuter and smaller and the whole process will go more efficiently. But this works fine.

Now I have room for all sorts of things that will make this purse entirely too heavy to actually carry.

And a quick tip from my very wise Mama, who knows all things wise and Veda-ish: when shopping, take every non-essential thing out of your purse and leave it in the car. That way your purse is light and you can fill it up with all kinds of wonderful niceties you find while shopping!


Trina said...

Oh I am loving this! I found you via Big Mama's Fashion Fiesta.
I sew too so I am totally making one of those Purseket things!
Oh and hope you can visit my Fiesta!

Sandy said...

Hi Jen,

Since I never have time to sew anymore I went ahead and bought a purse organizer called the Purse to Go and I'm glad I did. It has a center pocket so I can change bags in a second! I got mine at and it was very reasonable!