Monday, May 26, 2008

A Fashion Statement

My girls are pretty much all now teenagers, with all the eye-rolling and angst that goes with being a teenager. They are well known and well-liked and generally popular around town.

(It's important to remember that we live in a pretty small town).

I asked the Bug the other day why this was, and she replied simply "Because we're everywhere, Mom."

She's right. Interesting that no individual one of them has to be exceptionally fabulous. They are all nice people and there are several of them. So since they are involved in everything from tennis to theater, it's no wonder that when people meet me now, they no longer say "Oh, you're Hunk O Man's wife." They say "Oh, you're the Wesner Mom!" Or "Oh, you're the mom of those Wesner girls!"

Anyway, my point in bringing up my fabulous, gorgeous, smart, witty, and all-around wonderful daughters (not that I'm proud of them or anything) was this -- I am amazed at their fashion sense.

You would think that they would want to follow the current trends in fashion. And they do, for the most part. The short-short-shorts are out for them, and they much prefer jeans and a few camis and tanks layered. But the thing that amazes me is this: they will always wear what I make for them, and they love it if it's a dress with a full, dancy skirt. It doesn't matter which girl it is, or what the occasion. A pretty dress with a full skirt wins every time.

I saw this and it made me think of Rose, because we refer to her as "the squirrel." She has always hoarded and saved rocks and feathers and little bits of string and dried leaves and such.

This beautiful dress can be found here:

And yes, those are really little squirrels in the print! I wish I could buy it for Rose. I believe I will go on a fabric hunt for a squirrel print.

And lastly, a very funny story about Rose and Bunny at ages 8 and 9, who used to share a room:

I was packing for a trip back to the midwest for the holidays, and putting away the laundry in Bunny and Rose's room. The drawers are in the closet, which has mirrored doors so I can see behind me, and the girls are snug in their loft beds, behind me, watching.

Me, irritated: "You know, Bunny, if you'd just put the shirts with the shirts and the pants with the pants, this wouldn't be such a mess."

Bunny: "I just put everything that will fit into one drawer. "

Me, more irritated: "And that's exactly why you can never find anything. Rose, why have you got all these drawers stuffed full of games and toys? Jeesh!"

Rose (sheepishly): "Well, Mama, I had room for them."

Bunny, with her nose in the air and in a rather disgusted tone, to Rose: "Chipmunk!"

Me, now trying to stifle laughter: "No, honey, it's squirrel."

Bunny, rolling eyes: "Same difference."