Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's Been a Productive Afternoon Thus Far . . .

Here are the new dresses -- JB is modeling hers.

She came home from school.

Bunny's copy of the dress from Anthropologie is coming right along. I even got the bottom hem border embroidered.

It is mostly pinned at this point, but not entirely. Should be finished in about an hour.

I wanted to do Bunny's before doing Petite's and sending it all the way to France and have it not fit. Bunny's was kind of a practice one.

More later because Rose is hovering over me and wanting the computer.

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Christy Sews said...

Eeek!! You ARE supermom! I knew it. You totally have your finger on the pulse of teens. Your girls look great! I love the stitches your machine does. So cool.