Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sewing and Planting, Planting and Sewing

All I've been doing lately is planting and sewing. The planting happened early this week and over the weekend, the sewing has been happening almost every day. I'm finishing up that vintage dress and jacket -- which is proving to be a royal pain in the neck -- to give to Nancy, my good friend on the Worship Team at church. She's the only one I could think of who's small enough and loves vintage enough to appreciate it.

Rose had recently dropped two huge t-shirts on my sewing room table and announced "My friend wants these made into a purse." She then left. Oh, really? She does, does she? I left it sit there for a long while -- a couple of weeks, and then I attempted one of those Hobo bags that's really slouchy and has no shape. It took a couple of hours, I got it done, and apparently the girl was happy. I never heard anymore about it after I sent it off to school.

So Bunny came in the other night and wanted the same thing from her Rebecca St. James T-shirt that no longer fits. This one was easier -- I lined it with another t-shirt, and now I'm on a roll. Anybody want one? They're easy.

I'm fooling around with some cheapie $5 sneakers from Walmart and a bandana. I think there must be a way to decorate them with the bandana -- I'll take photos if I come up with anything. I tried some sewing, but it was really hard -- the sewing upholstery kind of hard that requires a curved needle and a thimble. Sorry, but if you can't push the needle through effortlessly with your newly-de-fingernailed fingertips, then the glue gun it will have to be. Gotta find that thing.

I'm also working on the Anthropologie dress for Petite. I put together a pattern and muslin, but have a lot of tweaking to do. It's a simple dress, but getting it to fit just right is the trick. So I'll work on that hopefully today.

I have emailed my entire family regarding housecleaning this weekend, as Grandma and Pappy are heading our way for a week. It occurs to me that I should communicate with the girls via MySpace. That is, if I want to tell them effectively. Who knew I'd be having to talk to my girls via MySpace to make sure they get the message?

Rose had an interesting comment for me the other day. She said that I never take a day off and just do nothing. I had to think about that -- then I realised she's right, I never do. I'm always going to the next task. Many tasks give me great pleasure, but there's always another one to do.

So, in the spirit of pleasing my daughter, I decided to take Saturday afternoon and lay on my bed and watch a movie.

I was interrupted only twice before Rose came in to join me. We watched "In The Valley of Elah," which is a disturbing film about the effects of war on young men. It's also a murder mystery.

So we got interrupted about 10 more times during the course of the movie. This including the fact that I restarted the movie and watched the first 15 minutes twice so Rose could join me.

After the final interruption during which I said quite an exasperated tone "WHAT???" to Babydoll, who looked like "Jeesh, bite my head off why don't you?" -- after this, I turned to Rose and said "Now do you see why I bite YOUR head off when I'm interrupted so many times? And do you see now why I don't bother to take a day off and hide out in my room and watch a movie?"

The point was taken. The movie was good but in an awful, disturbing way. And I think taking a day off should involve a beach and some sun and a swimsuit.

And now back to the tasks at hand --

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Christy Sews said...

I had to chuckle about the t-shirts. Sounds like my friend with her vintage robe. I have yet to tackle that project.

And I must say -- a day off to do nothing means yes, you have to leave the house and go to the beach. No cell phone (well, you can take it, but put it on silent), no husband, no kids, no dog and no bird. Just you. I think you've earned a day off to unwind and just be.