Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Ran Away Yesterday

I got tired of being the one who never gets the car. So I stole it and ran away.


Just to the nearest big town, really, to drop off my dead serger and browse Tuesday Morning. Great store -- also went over to Big Lots, another favourite store. I found a few things. At Tuesday Morning, I found the greatest decorating book:

I used to be a big fan of Lynette Jennings, until she got her American show and things went downhill. It was a show with a live audience, and I just didn't care for it. She started sounding like the penultimate know-it-all of home decorating.

But she was the one that got me started on HGTV with decorating. She was the one I'd watch and learn from -- I remember one thing she said that has never left me. She held up a piece of wood to a white wall and said "see how this looks brown?" Then she held it up to a colored wall -- red or blue or something -- and said "see how now it has woodgrain, and depth?" I couldn't believe my eyes. She was right.

When I picked up this book yesterday at Tuesday Morning, I didn't have much hopes for it. But was I ever surprised! She throws out all the rules about decorating, and rather helps you organise yourself and identify your own style based on what you already have. And based on what things you own which mean a lot to you. This is really good stuff. I even sent a copy to my good friend Chari via Amazon.

I just finished upstairs installing a new ceiling fan for Rose. I think I bruised my thumb. Waaah. I also removed the cabinet doors and hardware from my bathroom cabinet. Time to paint. I have the girls painting doors today -- I haven't had a door on my bedroom, my bathroom, my closet, the half bath, or the hall closet for a few days now.

Actually, I kind of like it.

Lynette has me thinking I should knock out a wall. One of the pages in the book says "Your kitchen can be your living room. Why not?" What a great idea. Talk about an easy way to alleviate all the food dishes that accumulate in the family room!