Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shopping with Hunk O Man

Today, if I can ever get Hunk O Man outta bed (it's 12:30PM and he's still sleeping!), we're going to look at Honda scooters. For me!

I saved us so much money in taxes that I asked for one and he said maybe. Plus, I will finally be able to get back and forth to Lowe's and Wal-Mart, the only two places to shop in my town.

We do have a new Tractor Supply store. Which Hunk O Man told me yesterday is really more of a hardware store, so that may top my list before long. I love me a good hardware store, especially the ones with the little screws and nuts in sizes you can't find anywhere else.

I also want to head over to Lowe's and get shelving. I have an idea to STOP THE MADNESS which is constant between Babydoll and JB, who share a room. I want to put shelving on all four of their walls, about a foot below the ceiling. This will serve two purposes: first, it will get all their crap stuff off the floor. Secondly, it will enable Babydoll to put all her crap stuff on the shelf so she can access things while on the top bunk.

I also want to head over to the local carpet place to check out remnants for their room.

And today is the deadline for the girls to finish pricing all the garage sale stuff. Which I believe, in fact, they haven't even started. I guess they'll be busy today.

And just FYI -- especially for you, Queen B -- while shopping yesterday in Bed Bath and Beyond with Hunk O Man, on our big trip to Sam's in the City, he said this:

"You know, if they had those Sham-Wow thingys, I think I'd buy one."