Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know . .

But I've been on VACATION.

Well, sorta. More like "On Tour:"

1. Left house.
2. Spent one night at Mom & Dad's.
3. Spent 2 nights at Mammaw's.
4. Spent one more night at Mom & Dad's.
5. Spent the night in Cincinnati at the Hyatt downtown.
6. I drove back and spent the next two nights at Mom & Dad's.
7. Spent the night at Jimmy & Carol's in southern IN.
8. Spent the next 5 nights at Aunt Lynnette's in Indy. Visited people every day. Up every night until after 2, usually getting slaughtered at Domino's by JB.
9. Spent last night at Mom & Dad's.

Good grief. This stay-a-night-or-so-and-pack-up-and-leave stuff is for the birds. Give me a beach condo for 2 weeks any day.

There is something to be said for being back in civilization again. I was recently in a Super Target in Fishers, IN, and almost had a heart attack and fainted with my amazement at the wall of international foods. Talk about information overload. Hoo baby. Breathe. Just breathe. Remind self not to buy it all as it will not fit in the van.

I have managed to hit all the really good Goodwill stores. I've picked up several things -- curtains to make shopping bags (green bags) for Etsy, clothes for everyone, drinking glasses, a plastic-coated wire thingy to hold all my pan lids, a cute purse, books, and a lamp for Chari. Chari asked me to give her my opinion on her girls' room upstairs.

Heh heh heh. MY OPINION.

This resulted in my staying an extra day with her so I could redo the room. She bought all the stuff and we made this cool bulletin board that fits in a gorgeous wood frame that used to have a mirror. And Gretch did it! Chari, She Who Can Plant An Old Tire And Grow A Car, learned how to navigate JoAnn Fabrics Etc. and came out alive. I was so proud; she only called me twice on her new cell phone to ask where the calico was (only she didn't call it calico) and what size ribbon to get. She had a little trouble with "any size, any width, just make sure the colors match" because she likes to know exactly what size and likes things to MATCH. I did have to say "You're making this too hard" and "What do you mean it doesn't match exactly?" a couple of times -- but fortunately she didn't kill me in frustration after I was so loosey-goosey with the decorating.

We had a GREAT time. She treated me to dinner at Bravo, which is where we ALWAYS go, and we always have Penne Med. Except this time she had some chicken salad thing. But my sister K and I had the Penne Med and chopped salad. Then Chari bought ice cream -- sneaky devil slid her credit card thru the Kroger thingy before I realised it, and I was going to buy dessert! -- and pound cake and hot fudge and we went back to K's and ate ourselves into sugar comas.

JB started the week puking her guts out, but I think it was just exhaustion from camp, and too much candy. I actually bought her Pepto-Bismol -- even though it always was the thing that made me puke -- and it worked for about 2 hours before it made her puke.

It is just no fun to be sick when you're away from home.

She did recover, though, and spent a night with Auntie K and a night with the B's.
She and Bunny swam in the B's pond and had a great time with the B kids. They've all known each other since birth, so it was a fun reunion.

I tried talking, pleading, begging, and threatening everyone with the idea of coming to see me in NC. We'll see.

I've talked to Hunk O Man. Our conversation last night went like this:

Me: Hi Hon
HOM: Hi Babe. I thought I'd make this "Chicken Dijon with Pasta" that I found in the freezer. It says on the top to bake at 350 until heated through.
Me: Right.
HOM: So I just set the oven at 350, and take off the foil and then the plastic wrap, and just put it in the oven?
Me: Uh-huh.
HOM: Till it's heated through?
Me: Mmmm hmmmm.
HOM: Ok, I just wanted to check and make sure I was doing it right.

It's so nice to know I'm still needed. Even if I am still on vacation.