Thursday, August 14, 2008


Finally there's something on television. And it's SPECTACULAR!

I'm sitting here watching that US Cellular commercial, seeing Mr. Cuty McCuteCute smiling yet again. The commercials are getting old, but the Olympics just keep it coming.

Hunk O Man repeated again tonight, for the zillionth time, "I love the Olympics."

We're hearing a lot of "YESSSSSSSS!" and "Stink!" "Stinkin Puke!" "Whoa!" "Ma-ah-ah-an."

He does love the Olympics. He watches everything. He called me today just to tell me that Blake upset Federer in tennis.

I was trying to get the internet connection up and going again, after endless restarts and recycles of the modem and router. And about 45 minutes on the phone with the cable company.

(I didn't really care so much at that point who won at Olympic tennis)

And then there's Michael Phelps, teenage girls drooling, and all of us shouting "No way! No way! He did it! He did it again!" to the television. We love the green "world record" line. How cool is that? All the swimmers are breaking records. I personally think that pool is really just clear blue snot and their suits are all made of oil that has coelesced onto their bodies permanently. Where else would we get the phrase "slicker than snot?"

And always entertaining: watching the swimmers adjust their goggles.

I admit I was even impressed when the Chinese girls won the gymnastics. Their tiny bodies just look so beautiful as they do those layout back flips. It's a moment when you look up at God and say "Whoa." The beauty -- it's breathtaking. Like sculpture that's come alive.

And Bela Karoli is definitely the comic relief. I honestly think they have him on just because he's good tv! Hunk O Man keeps saying "I vant to suck your blood" everytime they have him on. The man can barely stay in his seat, and I loved it when he nonchalantly commented on the underage Chinese gymnasts. Pretty hilarious.

We took a break last night and watched Project Runway. We are all addicted, even Hunk O Man.

And so here's the dish: I didn't think Kelli deserved to be out. I was much less impressed with Blayne's outfit. However, Blayne is Mr. Whine About My Fake Tan Fading and makes for better tv than Kelli, apparently. Ultimately I think Daniel should have gone right out the door with his "impeccable good taste."

This won. I like Keith, and I guess it's nice.

But I really liked this better. It was Stella and Jerrell's.

JB and Bunny LOVE PR and they have been spouting PR-ese all day. And this thanks to

"Leatha Stella:"

Non of us can stand this woman (or her designs), but it is hilarious to hear the girls talk about "leatha." Or "leathuh." Today as they cleaned the kitchen I laughed and laughed as I heard, in a perfect Brooklyn accent by JB, the endless commentary regarding the leatha dishes in the leatha dishwasher and the leatha counter and leatha sponge.

It was definitely a leatha moment.

OK, back to tonight's Olympics, and swimming. I just saw Ryan Lochte win a gold medal in backstroke.

I honestly don't think they made'em this good looking when I was a kid.

Be still my beating heart.

What an amazing week of television!

What are you watching?


Jen said...

P.S. Is it me, or is "Elfie" a completely hilarious name for a gymnastics commentator?

Fuschia said...

Okay, to be honest, the only thing I will probably watch all week is Monk tonight. TV just isn't our thing, but if I miss Monk, I'll be catching it On Demand tomorrow...weird, I know!

Thank you so much for the encouragement!! I know the answers, they just don't always shout as loud as the accuser.

Beachy Mimi said...

Watching the Olympics! Too much. I'm letting too many things go by the wayside because I'm glued to the tv.