Monday, August 11, 2008

If Only . . .

If only I could be thin as I'd like -- about 20 lbs. less -- without dieting.

If only I loved vegetables more than chocolate.

If only I could accomplish more sewing projects in a day.

If only I needed less sleep.

If only I could be the perfect mom, balanced between parent and friend.

If only I could spend less time on this computer and yet still read and learn as much.

If only I could knock out that wall between the kitchen and the family room.

If only I could finish painting Rose's room.

If only I could take just ten minutes -- not 90, and not 0 -- to sit outside in a lawn chair.

If only Baby would clean up her room and get organised.

If only I could think exclusively good, pure, and happy thoughts.

If only I lived on the edge of some body of water -- a pool, a puddle, a canal, a stream, a river, a lake, an ocean --

If only I were as great at landscaping as I am at decorating.

If only they made a drug that made me happy without raising my blood pressure or losing my passionate edge.

If only this were heaven.

But it's not! And it's gorgeous outside! And I've had two cups of half-decaf coffee, and I have all day to accomplish. And best of all, His mercies are new!

Happy sigh. Aaaahh.


Fuschia said...

Oh the "if-only's" I could list!!
I'll stick with if only my God didn't love me so much...that kind of keeps it in perspective.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

The verse about his mercies being new every morning is one of my favorites. I could relate to almost every word of this post.