Saturday, August 30, 2008

OK, OK, I Give.

Being surrounded by five gorgeous girls with little skinny, teenage bodies has an effect on a person.
I look in the mirror, and I am no longer the young, cute thing I once may or may not have been.
I am The Mom.
You know, the lady that accompanies the young, cute things that shop in malls and sit at Starbucks.
I look matronly.
Kinda like the Matron of Honor (the married maid of honor) -- but older.
Like my mom used to look when she was next to me.
So I've resolved that although I can't fight the aging process, I can fight the weight gain.
I've started "The Alternate Day Diet" simply because it's kind of the way I already eat anyhow.
Linda at 2nd Cup is also doing the diet.
I'm a Weight Watchers Lifetime Failure; I've gained back all the weight I lost there, and am reluctant to count points. I know it works, but I go hungry a lot.
I think going hungry every other day might be a good alternative for me.
The trouble with Weight Watchers is that it didn't change my eating habits. And I ate a LOT of diet food -- WW ice cream bars, sugar-free candies, etc. I am determined to eat real food.
So we'll see how it goes.