Thursday, August 28, 2008

PR Dish

I had a feeling this was going to happen.

As much as I like Keith and his designs, he got caught in one of those rock-and-a-hard-place situations. I feel badly for him. That thing he made for Brooke Shields a couple of weeks ago was really nice.

And what a challenge! Make an outfit from pieces of a CAR?

Maybe it's me, but I think trying to get a dress to fit perfectly is a lot to ask, when it's made from car parts. That was the criticism on this dress -- made by Blayne --

Are you kidding me? This doesn't fit? It's made from seatbelts and a broken rear-view mirror!

LeAnne has been my favourite for awhile. I think she got robbed in episode 3. But then again, it's all subjective . . .

LeAnne's design won this week, though, and I agreed. It was fabulous. Made from car parts. Jeesh, can you even believe this?

Did I mention it was made from CAR PARTS?
And poor Keith chose not to rip his outfit into tiny shreds of things, as is his custom, and he lost.

Plus the model sat down in it, after he expressly told her not to, and ripped the thing right up the front. Talk about adding insult to injury -- he couldn't finish the back of the top because he was doing damage control on the front of the skirt.


Maybe they should have called this the Seat Belt Episode.

I think I'd-a smacked her. Or something.

(not really)

At any rate, I think this should have lost, because it's so randomly odd, and because Jerrell annoys me a bit --

What in the heck is going on with her hair?

Perhaps it's a jack from the trunk of the car that you'd use to repair a flat. Or flat hair.

This is design? I am embarassed for these people in front of God, who made that gorgeous colour of pink that everyone likes -- even if you don't like pink -- when the sun is setting. Now THAT is design at it's pinnacle.

Oh well. At least we still have Leatha Stella to enjoy for one more week. With her leatha boyfriend, and leatha phone on which she calls him, and her leatha clothes, and her leatha brain, and her leatha family . . .

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DidiLyn said...

Oh THANK YOU for the PR update!!!
We canceled some of our "extra" channels we had in a vain attempt to cut back on the Dish bill.
WHAT WAS I THINKING?? No Project Runway?!
I'm dying here....