Friday, September 26, 2008

No PR Dishing This Week

I've had an awful time with my internet connection this week. And PR was kind of blah -- the only real dishing I can do is to say that Kenley's "skinny jeans" should have been wide-leg 40's trousers. The designers (only 4 left at this point) were given a musical genre and told to dress each other in outfits that reflected said respective genre. In a word, yech. You can find photos and more info at their website.

On Top Design, they decorated bachelor pads and Shazia is out. I wasn't impressed with any of it. Maybe I've been having an off week! Same thing here -- you can find more info at their website.

The Marco Polos are descending upon us tonight for pizza and a movie. I doubt much movie-watching will get done -- these kids are so ADD that they end up doing about 500 other things while the movie is on. But Bruce Wayne has apparently been asking for my pizza for a few weeks now.

There is no finer compliment to one's cooking than to have a teenage friend of your teenager asking for it.

So I'll be making lots of pizza tonight. I've been cleaning up the kitchen to spare Rose lately; she's had tennis and projects and all sorts of stuff going on. It's felt good to me, actually. As much as I hate routine, I rather like getting in there and cleaning up and feeling both a sense of control and accomplishment.

And yesterday, amid my regular daily stuff, I got to switch out a mac keyboard on Babydoll's laptop. Whoever said that being a mom was monotonous and required no skill?


P.S. I made cookies yesterday, and ate least 20 of them myself (why say it was only 10 when we all know I was grabbing 3 at a time at least 5 or 6 times?). I sabotaged myself knowing full well that having a "down" day today (and not eating) would not change anything. And this bingeing after a visit to a new primary doc, where the labs revealed that my triclycerides are over 300! Good grief! How did that happen? I am ordered back to the pool for exercise -- and I am hanging my head in shame. It is a PAIN getting older!