Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Amazing Things Happening All the Time.

Last week, I dropped in to our local library to return and renew some books. I've been reading the Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker -- which is an excellent blend of sci-fi and romance. And the love of God, foremost. I'd read "Blink," which is also very good. The books are titled "Red," "Black," and "White."

So because I was there, I looked through some books that the library was offering for sale. They were having a 2 for 1 sale -- hardbacks 50 cents, and paperbacks 25 cents. Not a bad deal.

I found a paperback I need for homeschool, and one of those little magazine cookbooks you find on the checkout aisle. I happened to pick up a hardback with no dust cover, just so I could read the title and see what it is. I love old books -- I tend to collect them.

I couldn't believe my eyes. I opened the cover and there in ink was an autograph by Jacqueline Kennedy.

In ink. Like, pressed into the page with an ink pen. As in signed, not stamped.

Holy cow!

The book was titled "A Day in the Life of President Kennedy" by Jim Bishop.

Then I noticed that I'd seen several books about President Kennedy. So I pulled out a couple more.



So I bought them. I spent $1.50 on everything.

I've been doing a little research on their value, but haven't really found much. I may keep them, or maybe give them back to the library.

Or if they're really valuable, it would be great if they'd contribute to the upcoming college education of my two 17-year old daughters this coming fall!

Wow. Stuff like this never happens to me. It's a grand occasion to thank God, the Giver of all good things, the Lover of our souls, our Maker and Saviour.

Whose birthday is in just 3 weeks. I think He tends to be one of those people who gives gifts to others on His own birthday, you know?


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Fuschia said...

HOLY COW! I'd be freaking out right about now. That is so cool.