Saturday, March 28, 2009

If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride

I got a wonderful opportunity today to teach about 20 women at our church about freezer cooking. You know -- where you cook it all in one day and freeze it? (see Today in Jen's Kitchen) My mom and I have done this for years. My heart for ministry these days lies with young wives and young moms. So many were latchkey kids whose mom had to work. There is a huge generation of young women who have missed the wonderful teachings about home from their mom or grandma.

I love that kind of thing, so today was really fun. I talked about cooking, did some cooking (how DO those cooking show people do that?), we all ate some of my cooking, and then I briefly touched on coupons and saving money. A pretty good time was had by all.

Then Hunk O Man picked me up and we drove over to Sonic for a half-price Coke. Sonic has happy hour from 2-4PM, so their drinks are half off.

Now you probably know that Sonic is a drive-in. Like the old-fashioned kind, where you pull up to the menu and order and the people roller-skate out to bring you your food.

So we're sitting there, and there's a truck with a man and a woman next to us on my side. It's a warm day, so everyone's windows are down, and I notice that he is a middle-aged "painted" man with lots of tattoos. Cool! I think: I'll bet he has a story. I'd love to hear it. I thought I might speak to him, but it was awkward, so I just looked away.

Then he pushed the button to order, and this is what we heard between High-Pitched Animated Cheerleader-sounding Sonic Girl and him. Be sure to add the eastern Carolina drawl in your head:

HPACSSG: Hi, welcome to Sonic, what can I get for you today?
Painted Man: I'd like a large Diet Coke and a medium Blue Coconut freeze.
HPACSSG: OK, a large Diet Coke and medium Blue Coconut freeze? Is that all? Would you like some cheesy tots or anything else?
Painted Man: Yeah. A bag of money.
HPACSSG: Oh, um, we don't have bags of money. Sorry about that . . .
(brief pause)
But we do have bags of ice!
Painted Man: Nope, I don't need no ice. Just a bag of money.
HPACSSG: Well we don't have bags of money. But you know, you could buy the bag of ice and maybe sell it for a bag of money.
Painted Man: Nah, don't think so.
HPACSSG: Are ya sure?
Painted Man: Yep.
HPACSSG: Ok then, a large Diet Coke and a medium Blue Coconut freeze and no bags of ice or money. That'll be $1.76. Thank you for choosing Sonic!

Hunk O Man and I nearly fell out of the car laughing. It was one of those priceless moments you rarely get to witness.

God, please bless that man with a bag of money today, even if it's just some change leftover in a fast-food sack. Thank you for Jesus, our Saviour, Amen.



Hawkdriver1965 said...

THAT was funny!! I can almost imagine the conversation!

Anonymous said...

Jen Just wanted to let you know, I love following your blog. You inspire me every day to do better. You are definitely one of my "heroes". thanks for being my sister.