Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weed and Feed

I just read I Corinthians 7, and I have to say -- I LOVE the version "The Message." I understand things so much better when they are in today's language.

Paul spends a lot of time in this chapter making a simple point -- cut out the peripheral stuff in your life that is confusing you; it won't make any difference. Be godly no matter what your situation.

I find this really interesting, because at one point he talks about being married or not, and another he talks about being a slave or being a free person, and yet another he talks about being Jewish or Gentile (non-Jewish). He brushes all these things aside as simple circumstance -- the main point being to obey God whatever your situation.

My mom and stepdad once came very close to divorce. This is no surprise -- I have come dangerously close myself. Most marriages do these days; many do not survive the challenge and break. Fortunately (there but for the grace of God go I), my marriage and my parents' marriage survived and is intact today.

I remember asking my mom why she didn't leave. She said this: "I'd just be exchanging one set of problems for another."

(My mom is really, really smart. And Godly.)

Again, interesting to me -- I never left my Hunk O Man because I just flat couldn't figure out the logistics of how I would be able to do it. I kept thinking I'd have to live next door to him, maybe in a duplex or something, so the kids would be okay. Kind of silly, I know -- indicative of just how screwed up I was then! In the end, it was wiser, more practical, and ultimately God's will that I just stay married to him. And 23 years later, I am so grateful that I stayed that words can't express my gratitude.

So today I read about Paul telling us all that it doesn't matter what your situation is, you're going to have to obey and live a Godly life no matter what your situation. If you think the grass is greener, you're forgetting about basic lawn care. You still have to mow and weed.

And a little "God's Turf Builder" wouldn't hurt, either. : )