Thursday, July 9, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

I am back from vacation, and I have to say: I was never so happy to get out of a moving vehicle last night. Here's how the numbers break down:

10: The number of hours I spent in the van
3: The number of teenaged girls in it with me
2 1/2: The number of hours I spent driving with NO music playing
7 1/2: The number of hours I had to listen to Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovado, Taylor Swift, and every other Disneyish type of screaming/singing girl on Barbie's iPod.
1: The number of hours of sleep I actually got while sitting in the back seat
80: The speed Barbie was going on I-64 in Virginia, where the speed limit is 65.
6-8: The number of times I told Barbie to slow down
8-10: The number of times Barbie rolled her eyes at me
3: The number of times we stopped for gas and/or a bathroom break
7: The total amount of dollars I spent on food at Burger King
4: The number of BK Mocha Joes I got at Burger King
1: The number of times Barbie drifted off to the side of the road
4: The number of times JB scared me while driving
0: The number of times I hope to be a passenger in a vehicle while one of my children is driving anytime soon.

God was good and faithful, as is usual, and we arrived home safely. We decided to spend a couple of extra days in Ohio, since we could. It was wonderful and relaxing and I was able to get a good visit in with Mom and Dad.

Hunk O Man and I also attended the North American Christian Convention, where we saw many good friends and were able to reconnect. Max Lucado was wonderful as the final speaker, and later we headed from Louisville to spend time with Hunk O Man's extended family in Southern Indiana.

His Dad's cousins, with whom we stayed, are retired dairy farmers. Carol Sue is an incredible woman with not just a steady, solid faith in Jesus -- but is also a sewer (3 embroidery machines; I was in heaven!), a master gardener, a "Red Hat" lady, and a weaver. She and I spent one rainy morning outside digging up daylilies for me to bring home. This woman is just amazing. She's a quiet sort, and yet has all these interests and is blessed with the gift of hospitality. We thoroughly enjoyed our time together. I even got Indiana-Amish-grown tomatoes to bring to my Mom in Ohio and more for the Boyfriend's mom here in NC.

So my June and early July were full of visiting "home" -- the places I grew up and lived for several years. My home here in NC has been much more brief, only 3 years. And yet this morning, after dropping kids off at the local community theater, I drove the 15 miles back home and felt such a sense of peace. I think this comes from being in the dead center of God's will.

This feeling I would not trade. This is home, at least on earth, at least for now. I do look forward to glory, but today, North Carolina is looking pretty good.

And now to plant those daylilies . . .