Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Week of Vacation Highlights

Well, I'm back from a week of vacation. For us, that usually means visiting everyone related to us. For me personally, it always means spending time with my Mama, whom I love. Here's the lowdown, starting with the bad and ending with the best --


This particular week was a difficult one for me. Because I am transitioning between medicines, I am basically your Run-of-the-Mill Wack Job. No kidding. I cry at everything (I never cry). I get upset over the most ridiculous things. I pick fights with my husband. I complain over why I can never be the winner in arguments with my teenagers.

Like that's ever going to happen!

I also dealt with a migraine that came and went the entire week. Thankfully, it's gone, and good riddance. Thank you Jesus -- seriously, for healing!

I think the most upsetting thing was a family situation that everyone accepts -- except for me, the truth-teller prophet among my family members. Talk about crying in the wilderness. Jeesh. I want a different gift, please, God. . .

Wah, wah, wah. Somebody call the Wah-mbulance. I need to get over myself.


The highlight was dinner with my sister-in-law, whom I love. She's Korean, and I've always enjoyed spending time with her. It was very good for both of us.


The Greene County Fair.
For those Buckeyes among us, "Now that's what I'm talkin about."

Every summer that we can, we try and go to Ohio for this fair. When the idea that we might make a trip this year, my girls all screamed in delight: "The fair! The fair!"
I can remember pulling 3 little toddlers along in a Radio Flyer wagon at the Greene County Fair. After the wagon days, it was a wagon + stroller for the extra two that came along. One year, a photographer from the Xenia Gazette even took photos of the girls with some Greene County Sheriff's exhibit, and they were in the paper!
I indulged greatly:
  1. One large cup greasy french fries with salt and vinegar from a spray bottle;
  2. One very big Diet Pepsi. I caved as there was no Diet Coke.
  3. One leftover sugar waffle (I always buy my mom a bag of five);
  4. One genuine Bob Evans sausage pattie sandwich with mustard.
  5. One funnel cake still warm.

My girls all played the cane game that has been there since I was a baby -- about 50 years now. Talk about a long-running thing. That cane guy must be really old. We came home with five canes.

We spent ungodly amounts of money on ride tickets and greasy, bad-for-you, absolutely delicious fair food. I got to see the 4-H sewing and craft exhibits. I saw the First Prize winning home grown carrots, which looked identical to the non-first-prize-winning carrots. I saw the biggest head of Kale I think I've ever seen. I saw antique teacups and the Grange building. I saw millions of rabbits in cages and some goats and sheep. I heard the auctioneer calling for bids on 4-H hogs. Barbie and JB competed in a Karaoke contest that featured about 75 versions of Taylor Swift's "Our Song." We got popcorn for free from my parent's church booth. I saw harness racing and sulkies on the big race track. I even got a compliment on my new tank top as we paid our $5 to get in.

Wow. What a week.

The things that uplift the spirit and soul aren't always straight from scripture. Sometimes they are provided by God -- via the Greene County Fair. Hallalujah and amen.