Saturday, January 26, 2008


Life will get right past you in a hurry if you're not paying attention.

I, however, have been paying good attention. And life has been running me! Here's an example. When we first moved to this house about a year and a half ago, it needed work. Make that WORK. I stripped wallpaper, painted kitchen cabinets, repaired walls, painted walls, etc. I ripped up carpet and sanded spackle. I pulled down cabinets and shelves and put new shelves up. I went at it like -- like --like -- a bankrobber on meth!

And then I slowed down, and the kids got busy, and I did less and less to the house and more and more to sewing and other pursuits. Things are still largely unfinished, but slowly I'm getting at them. Last week, I went out to get a can of blue paint from our paint closet.

Two things about this -- firstly, what was I thinking when I put all that paint in there? It is an outside closet with brick, cement floor, shelves, and our two water heaters, one of which is gas. And I put all manner of flammable cans of things out there. Duh!

Second thing: And why did I need blue paint? Because my bedroom was painted blue -- mostly. Until I decided green would be better and I painted large swathes of green around on the walls to see how it looked when the light hit it. Yech! Back to the blue; I'll work with it and change the bedding. So out to the closet to get the blue paint to cover the green.

I opened the closet door, and you know, it was kind of like weeding a garden. You know it's time to stop, you're tired, your back hurts, your hands are turning green, and yet before you know it the day is all gone and you've not only weeded your garden but your neighbor's and half the people on your street.

Three hours later, all the paint was in the shed, and my back porch -- and eyesore for far too long -- was completely clean! I look out there now and sigh with pleasure. I may even take some coffee out there and sit when the weather gets warmer.

Here are the before and after shots:

Before --

And after --
And even the piggies are happier! (that's them there to the right -- that little yellow sign says "Guinea Pig Crossing."


Photo wall: done!
Biscuit mix: still not done!

We have named the dress form "La Fwonda." (Thank you Bunny). And here, ladies and gentlemen, is the illustrious La Fwonda dressed in one of Bunny's creations, pale pink cotton chintz with a corded drapery braid trim of blue. Methinks Bunny needs to watch a LOT more Project Runway before she decides to go to make a showing at Bryant Park during Fashion Week.

I got a wild hair a couple of weeks ago, and went on Ebay and found a Pfaff 7570. I currently own the 7550, which is a great little beauty of a machine. It does all the 7570 will do except that it doesn't have the option for automatic hooped embroidery. I owned a 7570 back about 10 years ago. But I found that I wasn't able to effectively utilise all the embroidery stuff it offered, so I downgraded. I decided that the embroidery now would be good for all the stuff I'm making, so I started bidding. Next thing you know, I'm the proud owner of a 7570! The shipping was AMAZINGLY fast. I've done one practice design, and am remembering the techniques as I go. It didn't come with the PCD software -- but I think I may be able to use some freeware until I can afford the 4D software for digitizing.

Oh, the hum of the sewing machines last weekend! Bunny decided to try out my Mom's Bernette, which she has permanently loaned me. In other words, don't sell it, and give it back if she ever wants it, which will probably be never. It's a nice little machine! I answered almost every question Bunny asked with "I dunno, see if you can figure it out." She did! Then Baby got in all the action and started her first apron. She was much more patient with figuring things out -- as in, she actually read the instruction book! -- and got it about half done. It's definitely a first project, but she is very proud of it, and I am very proud of her. Here's to Home Ec class in homeschooling.

I also got out my ancient Pfaff 262 -- which my wonderful mother got me while I was in college. This machine was my faithful friend through every move, every boyfriend, and early marriage. It needed some oil, but sprang beautifully into action after a little lubrication. The cam's still don't work, but that's ok. It's a great machine for quilting. It will do a nice little zigzag, and a great straight stitch. I can't seem to let it go.

I finished the first of the aprons. Life kept getting in the way! There was dinner to fix, and kids to be taken to practice and work, etc.

SIDE NOTE OF BRAGGING BY PROUD MOM: Bunny is the Conference Champ for backstroke! And JB came in second in breast stroke! Our HS won the conference!

Rose almost got her driver's license this past weekend, but apparently everyone who works for our insurance company is mentally challenged. And the NC DMV folks are equally picky about what the insurance form says! We are hoping to accomplish this on Monday, after my Hunk 'O Man gets on the phone and gives a supervisor a piece of his mind. Maybe then they can fax the correct thing.

The girls are all 5 gone to a Christian youth conference for girls this weekend in Charlotte, NC. It's called "Revolve." They'll be back tonight, so last evening and today has been wonderfully quiet.

I've recently run across a new blog -- Retro Grace -- and she names all her dresses. I think I will adopt her fabulous idea and name all my aprons. Here is, again, our beautiful La Fwonda modeling "Posy."

I am now working on "China Doll." Photos to follow. Ah, the wonderful quiet of my home and how it lends itself to sewing. Hunk 'O Man is headed off to the movies to see Sly Stallone shoot people and other things blow up.

I've been reading gardening magazines, resolving that I will not allow this black thumb of mine conquer me! I WILL have a beautiful garden! I will! I bought seeds for herbs, and have zero idea as to when to plant them in NC. I know I'm in zone 7. This, of course, means absolutely nothing to me. All I know is, you put'em in the ground, you give'em some water, and hopefully they grow!


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Christy Sews said...

Wow! You have been a busy bee. Want to come and tackle my garage? No? Ah well, I had to ask. I hope you enjoyed quiet time. It sounds wonderful. And I just love the apron. Hopefully, I'll be doing some soon. I love the name of your dress form too. It keeps me thinking about La Fawnduh fron Napoleon Dynomite. After tackling that porch, you deserve to kick your feet up and enjoy the fruits of your labor!