Monday, March 17, 2008

The Road Ahead.

It just gets more interesting around here.

The Bug's migraines continue. These are extremely debilitating and we just don't know why they happen. She's in bed yet again this morning with another one.

I mention this because I decided to have a meeting with her counselor at school on Thursday. Bug brought up to me and Hunk O Man that she'd like to be homeschooled. She noted several very good reasons why this would be a good thing, and I countered with several very bad reasons -- most of which had to do with "I will expect more than the school does" and "You're going to hate it when I badger you about getting work done." She -- of course, as we all would have at seventeen -- answered these comments with the eternally optimistic, dreamy-eyed viewpoint of youth: "No I won't, Mama, it'll be fine!"

Comments and qualms aside, she had a very good point. She is failing her junior year of high school, and this because she can't get caught up. She is considered homebound when she misses school due to the headaches, but this can't substitute for a day in the classroom actually being taught. You get the work, but how are you supposed to do it when you haven't been taught how?

So, first this necessitated a prayer session with Hunk O Man. The three of us sat and appealed to God. The most important thing about this to me was that I approach God with an open mind, and not one already decided and seeking his approval. I find it's much better when I ask God with the attitude that His way is best, and not my way and don't-you-think-so-God?

Then I met with Ms. Hux at the school. Interestingly, she was very favourable to the idea of homeschooling. I couldn't quite believe my ears. I expected her to be very pro-public school, as most public school people are. And she is, but she was the best kind of school counselor in that she considered Bug's individual situation. She was chock full of info, even calling a local college to see about admission requirements for homeschooled kids. Wow! I walked away with a lot more information and a mind leaning toward homeschooling.

Then I called my best friend in Indianapolis, who also has 5 kids and homeschools them all. How do I handle chemistry? And Algebra 2? Holy cow! Am I crazy? Are you? She had some gems of wisdom for me, as well as some good information about how to treat the migraines. I just love her to pieces. I will be traveling there in mid-April, and I am looking forward to partying with my homies (and attending the Indiana Homeschool Convention). This should involve a night at our favourite Italian restaurant, a fair amount of chocolate and good coffee, and a very long night of chatting about husbands, kids, and various other assorted and sundrie topics, most of which usually involve at least one discussion about bodily fluids because that completes grosses out my friend.

So I am pretty much decided that we will pull Bug out of school as of April 1. Between now and then my mission will be to find curriculum. The great thing is that we can repeat her junior year and bring her grades up, and extend our school year as long as we like. If she can get caught up, we can even put her back into school next January to graduate with her class. She can also take classes at the local community college for free -- that's FREE -- and get a jump on college. Talk about a great idea!

The road ahead looks interesting.

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Christy Sews said...

Sounds like you have your work cut out for you, but from what you have described, it sounds like the right choice. Learing is fundamental, right? Plus, it's a wonderful opportunity for you to spend some quality time with your teenager. Such a wonderful gift.

I have to tell you, I just got the TobyMac CD. I'm loving it. I have the long list of CDs that I want and I finally went on Ebay and got two. (Jeremy Camp is the other one, but I haven't listend yet -- too busy "boomin" with Mac - LOL!)

I also did the unthinkable. I had to tell the lector coordinator that I could not read at the Easter Vigil this year. Verizon is going to be at the house during practice time and then, because of the baptisms, the Vigil lasts for 3 hours Saturday night. I know my mom won't want to sit that long. She loves going to church with me, but there's a limit to the time she can spend seated. Now it's just dealing with the guilt and feeling like I am failing God, which isn't true, I know -- it's just how my mind works. I know He doesn't want me to be busy, busy busy, but saying "NO" was hard. So vey hard. Especially to my church. Sigh.