Wednesday, March 19, 2008

St. Who?

I think St. Patrick is probably furious with me. I didn't wear green and I didn't wish anyone a happy St. Patrick's day. What is he the patron saint of anyway? Do I need to be worried?

I am off to a production of The Wizard of Oz to see Baby in her roles as a Poppy and an Emerald City person. I am quite sure it will be wonderful, even if she isn't the star. She's my little star.

We have definitely decided to pull the Bug out of school and finish up her junior year at home. Translation: serious prayer needed at the Wesner house.

There are no children at my house and even the dog is asleep. Aaaahhhh. The sound of times to come -- may they ever remain in the future!

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Christy Sews said...

In Ireland, patron saint of the country. In the U.S. - patron saint of Beer. Well, that's my opinion, but it's certainly the way it seems. Or maybe he's the patron saint of green beer.