Monday, March 31, 2008

No, I have not dropped off the planet.

I've been in Orlando! Home of Myrtle's daughter's condo and no internet access. And the camera is currently missing. Not good.

We arrived home last night at 2AM. There is no dog; he's still at the kennel. Something is wrong with the house when there is no dog in it.

Regardless, it is good to be home and in my own comfy bed again. I see now why my mother hates to travel or go to the hospital. Excellent point when you have an excellent bed.

I listened to "Einstein" by Walter Isaacs (on CD, and narrated by Edward Hermann, my favourite narrator) the whole way down and the whole way back -- about 12 hours each.

Einstein the man was amazing, and not just for his theories in physics. He was an accomplished violinist. He was an avid pacificist who renounced his German citizenship twice. He helped to establish Hebrew University in Israel.

And I think that most of all, he missed the most important thing that would have helped him reach his goal of a "unified theory." Each theory in physics is like a melody line of music, or a specific line of music for a specific instrument. Einstein's goal was to chart the entire symphony of the universe, each part harmonizing with the next.

The trouble was, he never got to personally know the composer. He had a respect for the God to whom he referred as "The Old One," but never a personal relationship. Nonetheless, God again used one of His chosen ones to discover something revolutionary amid the human race. Einstein loved to say "God does not play dice." God also does not change, and Einstein is proof.

It's a fabulous book and I highly recommend it.

You simply must read this:

Has this woman been at my house lately? This is all I want to know.

And more about spring break later -- when I find the camera!