Friday, April 4, 2008

And This Would Be Why People Think I'm Crazy Out of My Mind

There are currently 7 kids in my family room screaming with Taylor Swift's "Just Another Picture to Burn." At ear-splitting levels.

JB had a birthday while we were on Spring Break, so she asked if she could have a sleepover when we got back. A co-ed sleepover.

Now, in my day this would have garnered an "ABSOLUTELY NOT! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" response from my very calm, very composed mother. But hey, that was just the 70's.

All of the boys' parents had reservations. But hey, if you're not safe at the associate minister's house, where are you safe?

The boys all slept downstairs on the sofas and floor (3 boys).

The girls all slept upstairs in beds, in one of the 4 bedrooms.

Our bedroom is on the first floor. And the stairs are hardwood, as is the hallway upstairs (translated -- we can hear every step, every door opening and closing, every movement. It's usually annoying, but at times like this it's kind of helpful!). And these kids are all friends in the "My Posse" kind of way. Nobody is romantic about anybody else. Not that being romantic would matter -- but I know each one of these kids, I know their parents, and I trust them. I'd rather they were here than anywhere else, and usually they prefer being here as opposed to one of their own houses.

So while I would not recommend this for every kid, it works for us. They watched Alvin and the Chipmunks last night, had pizza and popcorn, sang and danced around, had birthday cake and ice cream, played the GameCube, and generally acted like spazzed-out-on-sugar teenagers.

It's actually kinda fun!

But not everyday.

Our Danish student is coming tonight, so there will have to be a mass cleanup later. Hopefully she will become my Danish Daughter just like my French Daughter! In the meantime, there is a manicure to be had (by me) and school to do and laundry piling up and I'm painting my bedroom this weekend -- more on that on another post -- and I'm still working on my Flirty Apron for the Swap (which ended March 31). Oh my. Busy life, gotta go, need another cuppa coffee . . .