Monday, April 7, 2008

You Plan, and Then Life Happens

I had this weekend all figured out. All week, I purposely stayed away from house projects -- namely, the painting of my bedroom (YET AGAIN!!!!) so that I could relegate that to the weekend. I could do it all day, it would get done, it would then be done and I could move onto another room.

But noooooooooooooooooo . . . !

All of a sudden my baby needs her mommy at her tennis match in Raleigh. Even though Boyfriend is also going. In the rain. Where we drove about an hour and a half and then were told there was a 4-hour delay. And then no, we're not playing today, because of the rain. Not that they could have just told us that to begin with, since it poured all day.

Poured. All day.

I shopped in an outdoor mall with little boutique shops while Rose and Boyfriend went to see "10,000 BC." I felt like a person in "What Not to Wear," doing the shop thing in NYC. Tiny little shops with expensive, beautiful things, none of which I purchased but all of which I loved seeing.

Sunday she and Boyfriend drove themselves. She finally played after about 6 hours of delay due to rain, and lost.

So last night she walks in and says "So who's taking me down tomorrow to the tennis tournament?" What? I thought you lost? What's this about a Consolation Round?

Not that I had anything terribly important to do, or two kids to homeschool, or laundry to finish up, or A LIFE OR ANYTHING! Obviously Hunk O Man had to work, so I quickly realised it would be me going to the tennis tournament today.

Just call me Change O Plans Mom. Change O Plans Iz Me. We drove to the park and there was nobody playing. Gosh, what a shock -- maybe because it was still raining? Misting? Drizzling? We've had several days of clouds and rain straight, and I think I'm feeling a little peckish about it.

So we headed again to the mall, where Rose got herself a pair of designer jeans. Then we checked in, only to find that they changed the venue again. Now she needed to play in Cary, NC. I jotted directions from the guy, and we headed that way.

Except he said to go east and we did and he should have said west. Ten miles the wrong way, and ten back. And about twenty more to get to the exit, and then twenty more to get to the park. She played, she lost, we left and said "good riddance!" to the people that run that tournament! Never again!

So another day has past and still I have not painted a thing.

However. . . (there's always a however, isn't there?)

God has been blessing us beyond belief. There is a potential buyer for some land we own, and we received a surprise financial blessing in the mail. Having recently committed to putting my whole life on a diet, so to speak, this is huge. God is trusting us, and namely me, to follow through on my committment to get serious about having some balance in my life.

So there you go. You plan, you expect, and then life comes at you fast, as the commercial goes. But it's all good in the end. "He causes the sun to shine on the righteous and unrighteous." Gotta take what you get and make it a thing for which to be thankful.

And I am. Thank you, God!