Friday, April 25, 2008

Hard Days

It's been a difficult day today. I'm not sure why, except that several things are weighing on my mind. But God is still on his throne, and tonight ended well.

I had to play piano for a dinner held to honor our Senior Saints at our church -- the "youth group." These are the finest people; I thoroughly enjoy being with them, and it was my pleasure to provide part of the entertainment. I played "Always," "I'll Get By," and "Little Things Mean A Lot" while Baby sang. She looked so pretty -- and so old! -- in her new dress I finished yesterday. It's not quite vintage, but almost. I think the year on the pattern was 1988.

Anyway -- I got to sit with Myrtle and Wylie and chat and visit. They are such dears. I speak with them and think, they are so precious and time is short. They are so full of the wisdom I need. Myrtle raised 5 children (4 boys and a girl), and Wylie is her 5th husband. She met him at her last husband's funeral! Wylie was married to his sweetheart for many, many years and raised 4 children before he found Myrtle. They've been married for almost 14 years. Wylie is 92, and Myrtle is 83.

We talked about tomato plants and getting them in the ground, about how the fertilizer comes in 40 lb bags and who needs that much? We talked about splitting a bag between us, along with Ms. Agnes, who was sitting with us for the dinner. We talked about Myrtle's daughter who is coming tomorrow to visit. We talked about how Wylie was using a walker, and then a quad-cane up till about 6 months ago, when Myrtle got him going over to the fitness center, and now he doesn't even need anything!

There is such a wealth of experience and wisdom in those grey heads. I can't get enough of them; and yet always in my day there's something to distract me and keep me from getting over to their house for a visit. I fear the time will be gone, as it always flies by, and they'll be gone, and I'll have missed my chance at that blessing.

I miss my own Mama, too, who lives about 10 hours north in Ohio. I miss talking to her, and being able to drive a couple of hours to her house. It's been a few years since I could do that. But there is nothing like just hanging out in the kitchen while she's cooking dinner, or helping her snap green beans, or just drinking coffee and talking. My favourite vacations have always been sitting in a swimsuit, playing canasta with my Mama, drinking Diet Coke and eating chips with french onion dip.

Time passes, things change, life goes on. And everything's basically the same as it's always been. I drove home from the church tonight in the warm air, around dusk -- my favourite time of day -- and drank in the gorgeous color of spring. Everything is green and lush, the beautiful pinks and whites and reds and purples exploding in color everywhere. It was the perfect evening to go get an ice cream cone. The air is warm and the people are out on porches or walking.

So in the end, I'm thankful these difficult days end with such beauty and peace. My Father taking care of me, everywhere I look . . .

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Linda said...

Jen, this is really beautifully writtten with lots of details. I can just about see Myrtle and Wylie! My mom and dad are 82 and 86, so I know how precious time is. Yet I don't see them enough. Anyway, Even the last paragraph is full of sensory detail. I know you probably didn't write this with all that in mind, but I wanted you to know I see that in your writing. Blessings!