Wednesday, April 23, 2008

WMFW: The Pappy Popper Solution

We eat a lot of popcorn in our house. It is the all-purpose-fill-you-up snack. We make in our Pappy Popper. The Pappy Popper is actually something called "Stir Crazy" by West Bend

We used to always have microwave popcorn. And we'd only have Pappy's corn at Pappy's house (where he lives with Grandma, my mom). However, during one of Pappy and Grandma's visits to our house, we saw the need to purchase a Pappy Popper -- in order to preserve the tradition of Pappy Corn when he visits us. We've had one ever since. We've been using it since Pappy's last visit here, and all those microwave popcorn people at the factories have been getting sick. Don't ask me about that, all I know is I heard something. From someone.

Whatever. Anyway.

The only trouble with this Pappy Popper is that everything we need for popcorn gets strewn all throughout our house and kitchen. The oil is either in the pantry or next to the microwave on the shelf. The salt is in the spice cabinet or next to the oil. The cord is in the drawer of the electric griddle in the laundry room. Seems like all I ever hear from the kitchen is endless calling out to me: "Mom! Where's the popcorn salt?" and "Honey, where's the popcorn oil?" and "Mama, where's the popper cord?"

So I have a solution: put it all in the popper and store it all together.

Right next to all the popcorn bowls. Problem solved. Now quit bugging me and go make me some nice, hot Pappy corn. And pour me some Diet Coke, please . . .