Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Things I Accomplish When That Man O Mine is Gone

Hunk O Man is in Ohio. I took him to the airport on Thursday AM, and sent him to Columbus, OH to see his Mama and go to a Small Groups Conference in Cincinnati (Cincinnati Christian University).

I've spoken to him every night, and he is in, as he puts it, "hog heaven." He has seen old friends, eaten great food with significant people in his life, and hung out with his mom and sister and brother-in-law. He even called my mom as he drove past the exit to their house. We end every nightly conversation with "I miss you" and "are you home yet?" I really do miss him desperately.

I think this results largely from the fact that my own mom received a visit from a state patrolman one evening when I was just 11 and she was 32 -- to say that there had been a terrible car accident and my dad would no longer be coming home at night. I always think of that when Hunk O Man leaves -- how will I cope if he never comes back? The possibility is very real and tangible; and yet I always take comfort in knowing that God likely isn't finished with Hunk O Man just yet.

I do not like that I cope actually extremely well when he's gone. The kitchen stays cleaned up, the house is relatively picked up, and house projects get done. This weekend I painted my bedroom for the third time, and it is like heaven (it's not completely done but it's really nice). I'm not sure why this is -- I'm no housekeeper by anyone's estimation. Dealing with all these women all alone kind of wears me out in a hurry.

I think it may be that subconsciously I realise that it's up to me, and there's nobody here to pick up the slack. This is just ludicrous thinking, I might add. Hunk O Man is gone a lot, because ministry is life, and life is ministry. My primary job as his wife is to free him up to be able to do it. I'll join him in it again when the girls leave home -- but for now, when I tend things at home, he's more free to effectively do the work God has for him. It took a few years to figure this out, but thanks be to God that I finally listened and life is really good as a result.

So the mystery to me is why I actually get more done when he's gone. Are there less dishes? Not really. He makes the bed, so when he's gone I have to do it. I'm generally home most days all day, and accomplish things in a lazy, whenever-I-get-to-it manner. How in the world was I able to drive kids around to youth group events, do some gardening, get a bedroom painted and put together again, and even do a bit of sewing, laundry and some shopping? And did I mention that the prom was Friday night?

Good question. I never really want enough time doing it to get the answer, thank you very much. He comes home tomorrow and I can't wait to see him. I really have missed him.

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Christy Sews said...

Will you come and paint my home when you finish with yours? I can't seem to get started, but I really have to get to work. I still have the 1990's theme paint thing going on in the rooms. Kind of scary.