Monday, April 21, 2008

Ding, Dong, the Prom is Done!

Well, I gotta tellya. It was quite the Friday around here.

No Hunk O Man. No men in general. When The Boyfriend showed up, he was surrounded by so much estrogen I'm a little surprised he didn't just turn and run in his fine black tux.

He did look pretty nice. And I'm sure it would've been hard to run in those shiny shoes.

It began at around 1:30PM. There are already two girls home all day anyway. Then we got two little bitty girls because Le Pag's (french teacher and wife tennis coach) had a babysitting crisis and I cannot say no. So an additional 6-mo. old Baby Le C and 4-year old Le Mal were added to the foray.

Then Rose came home. And Brandy arrived to do hair, and they took over my bathroom. Then Angie came over to have her hair done, and Bunny and JB got home from school and went in to help with makeup. And A-Gale (Bug's best friend) came over to do makeup. I hid out in the kitchen and drank Diet Coke and did the crossword puzzle in the paper. Does all this make you dizzy? It made me a little sick. I should have taken a Dramamine.

Baby took Le Mal to B's to play, cause I was paying her to babysit and that's where the toys are. That was a little nicer. I took baby Le C upstairs and got her to sleep -- I also got me to sleep briefly! My house is full of hardwood floors and all the open space is walkway -- it has become blatantly obvious that I am no longer a mama of younguns. And not yet a gramma of younguns. I may have to move.

Or move the furniture, at the very least. We'll see.

In the meantime, there was a whole lotta fuss about whether to dine in Rocky Mount or dine here in town. And to dress or not to dress for the dining. Oh, the opining! Never let it be said that a buncha women cannot have at least double the opinions of the number of the group opining.

After I was ready to take the phone and bury it in the yard -- can they not get this stuff figured out in one conversation instead of 10? -- it was officially decided that the dining would be done in town and dressed. So Rose carefully put her dress on, avoiding the now perfect makeup and hair, and then The Boyfriend came to pick her up around 5:30PM.

And after lots more fussing and photo-ing, the results were pretty breathtaking.

How could this possibly be my little girl? Thank goodness Hunk O Man was gone. I think he would have cried, honestly. He will need serious prayer at her wedding. Which thankfully will be in the far, far, far future --

Time flies. Poof, there it goes . . .

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Linda said...

Gasp. She IS beautiful! I'm enjoying reading your posts and getting to know you as a transplanted Hoosier (even if you weren't born here!) Thanks for commenting on my blog. You made my day.