Monday, May 19, 2008

Random Things That Run Thru My Head

There are tons of birds around our house. We are surrounded by no less than 28 trees in our yard. One is a huge, old oak. The rest are very tall Carolina pines, very ugly but for the fact that they smell good and offer shade. They also litter pine needles everywhere.

My mother recently commented that she'd never heard so many birds before. We do have a lot. Plus squirrels.

I would never qualify for the Audubon Society. I know nothing about birds, other than the fact that they sing and fly around and eat stuff. Mostly bugs, I think.

There is one kind of bird outside that I hear frequently. It's song sounds like "Birdy birdy birdy birdy?"

I think if I were one of the other birds in the trees and heard that, I'd be like, "Dude. We're all birdies. Get a clue."