Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Speaking of Birdies . . . Yet Another Schizoid Post

Part I.

I try and recycle my plastic shopping bags. I wad them up and place them in a bigger one that's hanging just outside the back door.

Since I have removed most of the screening from the back porch (so I can tear the danged thing down eventually, and because a lot of it was torn) -- the birds can get in and fly through freely.

Apparently one birdie thinks that my shopping bag stash is an excellent place to put a nest.

I realised this just after one of them flew out of said nest while I was trying to cram more bags into the stash. Scared the living daylights outta me.

Now I place the bags in another smaller bag under the stash bag. Because I am not a homewrecker.

Part II.

On another note, I have offered to teach a class at church on Once A Month Cooking. My mom and I did this for years when I lived close to her. She even flew to CA once to do it with me.

The Bug and I went shopping yesterday to get ready for another cook day. I haven't done this in about 2 years, but thought it would be good since summer is coming. When we grill and eat a lot of salad.

Well, honestly I was thinking about how often I don't cook dinner. One of the girls said recently to my mom while she was here visiting "I love it when you come, Grandma, cause Mom makes dinner every night."


Maybe I would do better if it's already fixed and in the freezer.

This trip began with a visit to the doctor for the Bug. The doc is in Raleigh, and everyone knows that when you gotta go to the big city for something, you go to the big city for everything. You hit everywhere possible in order to avoid having to go again at $3.79/gallon.

So we hit Sam's and Aldi and Food Lion and Kohl's and JoAnn Fabrics. We left home at 10:45AM and got back at 10:45PM. No kidding. We made everyone else unload the van and put away the groceries.

Ok, just unload the van.

Part III.

During the course of the drive, Bug reiterated to me her desire to dress like a Gothic Lolita.

Of course, I would rather her NOT look like Wednesday Addams,

Because as much as I somewhat like Angelica Huston as Morticia Addams, I in no way wish to be her. And we are not this family.

My husband would prefer we were more like this family:

I once got my hair cut at the Paul Mitchell School of Hair in Santa Ana, CA, and we somewhat resembled this family:

It was indeed that bad and I cried. Thankfully Lori the Hair Genius rescued me just three long days later.

We are simply this family.

Or at least pretty close, several haircuts and hair colors and a couple of years and pounds later.

I would prefer Bug like this, until the end of all time. Tiny little voice and all. And when we are in heaven I will also be four and we will play and praise God all day long.

Although I miss the days when her response to the term "Gothic Lolita" would be "Mama, what is that?" I love love love my little Buglet no matter what age she is or how she looks.

I love you all the way to heaven and back and I will wait for you to hold your hand. xoxox


Linda said...

Oh that is sweet. You are a good mom and non-bird-home wrecker.

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