Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Get A Clue

Ok, let me preface this post by just saying this: people often like me best for my honesty. Or rather, for actually saying out loud the things they've been thinking -- and relieving them of the responsibility for saying it.


Captain Obvious is on the move at my house.

Here are some examples:

(several family-sized of chicken are on the kitchen table and the table and floor underneath are all wet. Bunny comes downstairs, sleepy, getting ready for her day)

B: Why is the table all wet?
M: Because I had the chicken thawing all night.
B: The chicken was thawing?
M: Yep. All night.
B: On the table?
(clearly the chicken has not moved from the table)
M: Uh huh.
B: And it made it all wet?

Where was the mystery here?

Hunk O Man comes in for lunch. I have been to school to pick up Rose, who called me and asked me to come pick her up.

HOM: Rose is here?
Me: Yes, I brought her home.
HOM: You brought her home?
Me: Yes, she called me.
HOM: She called you?
Me: She asked me to bring her home.
HOM: So you went and got her?
Me: Yep.
HOM: And now she's home?
Me: sigh.

Again, I ask, where is the mystery here?

The strawberries were in the blue glass pyrex dish with a lid in the fridge. The dish was getting too big for the amount of strawberries. I transferred the strawberries to a CLEAR square plastic container and place it on the MIDDLE shelf in the FRONT AND CENTER of the fridge.

HOM: Where did the strawberries go?
Me: They're right there.
HOM: Ok, I know they're right in front of me.
Me: Yep.
HOM: Still can't see them.
Me, pointing: RIGHT THERE.
HOM: Oh. Thanks.

I always have a box of Kleenex on the top of the spice cabinet. It is also the centrally located place in the kitchen where Hunk O Man places his keys, his wallet, his phone, etc.

I move the Kleenex from one corner of the 12"x18" cabinet top to the other corner. The Kleenex box is clearly only about 20" away from its original spot.

HOM: Why is somebody always taking my Kleenex? Where is it?
Bug: It's right there, Daddy.
HOM: Why is it that everyone takes things and never puts them away?
Bug: It's right there, Dad.
HOM: Where?
Bug: Right there!
HOM: Well, I don't see it.
Bug, pointing: It's right there!
HOM: Right where?
Bug, getting up and handing him the box: Right here!

I am not an irritable person as much as a busy person. And when I have to deal with these kinds of questions all day long, I tend to get a big snippy.
Maybe I can get Batman and Superman over here to help me out, you think?

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Tonya said...

too funny! My kids do that all the time but I think it is just because they like to hear themselves talk ;)

My favorite thing they do is ask a question and not listen for the answer and then ask it again. To which I reply well I said yes the first time and if you ask me again it will be no!