Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Aprons! Aprons!

I got my apron from my swap partner yesterday -- she sent a package of very cute napkins, and this very cute apron! I'm so pleased that she used my kitchen colors!

Mom brought me Grandma Filson's apron when she came for that visit a few weeks ago. It's pleated at the waist with chicken scratch embroidery. Is this cool or what?

Ok, not an apron, but a grocery bag. The Bug had an old T-shirt that no longer fit her or was entirely too big -- something -- so I made a grocery bag out of it.

And back to aprons -- this is mine for the flirty apron 4th of july swap:

And another one I made to sell on Etsy:

After last week's foray into OAMC, I now have a freezer full of food.

I even managed to get over to the grocery stores and use my coupons -- I use Grocery Game, which saves me tons -- and I've only managed that a couple of times since moving here to NC. For some reason I just can't get over there and get used to the stores. But now I think that is changing. If you decide to use Grocery Game in your area, please tell them I sent you.

Coupon Mom is also very helpful.
Happy shopping!