Monday, June 16, 2008

It's A Good Day.

The Bunny's birthday was a huge success. It was her 16th. In an effort to do something new and spectacular that has never been done, I had to really rack my brain for this one.

Fortunately, Bunny is an excellent event planner. Even if I did have to tell her several times to quit worrying, I had this, and it would be great. And you don't plan your own party, you let Mom do it. Honestly, it's like talking to myself.

We decided to have our own little drive-in movie. We backed the cars into the driveway and opened up the backs (the van and the Rav). Hunk O Man borrowed a projector from church and set it up with his laptop, which played a DVD. We hung an old quilt on the neighbor's fence, and voila! Instant drive-in movie! We even had hot dogs and popcorn!

We had ice cream cake. I made this one, and it was just the perfect yummy!

2 boxes ice cream sandwiches
1 package of about 8-10 Reese Cups
1 large container whipped topping, or 2 cans of whipped cream
1 big package of Peanut Butter M&M's
Unwrap one box of the ice cream sandwiches and cover the bottom of a 9x13 pan with them.
Spread half the whipped topping or 1 can of whipped cream over them.
Unwrap the Reese's cups and chop into small bits. Sprinkle these over the whipped cream.
Unwrap the next box of ice cream sandwiches and place in as the next layer.
Spread the other half of the whipped topping or second can of whipped cream over them.
Cover the entire top with the Peanut Butter M&M's.
Freeze about 30 minutes.

The best part about that cake was that it was the perfect blend of peanut butter saltiness and ice cream sweetness. Yummy yum yum yum.

The next day, Hunk O Man and I sat down and had a very serious conversation about the finances around here. We are committed to live within our means, and doing that with 5 teenagers is pretty much of a challenge. It always has been, and God has always provided.

So we're selling the house.

No idea where we'll move, but we are asking God for the kind of miracle that only He can do. That way, we'll know it was entirely from Him, and can give Him total glory for it.

(we have a house in mind, but honestly, there's absolutely no way it can happen)

We prayed about this as a family yesterday, while eating grilled steak and fabulous baked potatoes and salad as a Father's Day lunch. For church, Hunk O Man preached and sang Steven Curtis Chapman's "Cinderella." He made it thru without any tears -- even with all 5 girls lined up in a pew. At lunch, We thanked God for Hunk O Man, the best dad ever, and agreed as a family in asking God to do a miracle for us.

The four eldest girls (Rose, Bug, Bunny, & JB) all left this morning with my van -- to drive to Milligan College in TN for the Christ In Youth conference this week. On Saturday, they'll drive up from TN to southern IN to go to 2 weeks of church camp.

And Rose is The Driver. As in, THE Driver. As in nobody else can drive but her. I continue to pray every time I worry. It is not for me to worry, it is for me to trust God. I felt the same way when Rose and Bug were taken off their heart/lung monitors at 6 months of age. God continues to sweetly whisper in my ear "It's ok, I've got this. Don't worry."

And lastly, it's my birthday today. It's one of the no-big-deal ones -- I was born in 1959 (I'll let you do the math since you're obviously considerably younger than me). Hunk O Man and Baby are taking me to lunch.

I am full of hope and assurrance from our Lord Jesus. My life is very sweet today. I am grateful.

It is a good day.