Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Awards! Awards!

I got another award, from Christy, my buddy over at Sew Little Fabric, Sew Little Time. The woman is incredibly prolific and talented and quite the detail expert. Thanks a bunch, Christy!
This award makes me laugh, because I can't believe you all (yall) actually read this stuff about my crazy family and life and find it funny.

It is this: The Arte Y Pico award!

The Arte Y Pico is awarded to blogs that you consider deserving due to their creativity, design, interesting material and for their contributions to the blogging community. If you receive the Arte Y Pico you in turn are to bestow it on five blogs you deem worthy of this award.

So here I go -- passing it along:

1. The Queen B. Dependably hilarious. Everyone needs to laugh a LOT in their day, so go here to do it. I go here first every day.

2. Rocks in My Dryer. Often very funny and always inspiring. This woman is a member of the 5-kid-club also, and has 4 boys and a girl. I refer you to the recent photo of Polly Pocket. She often makes my day.

3. Happy Things. On hiatus for the summer, but this woman has an eye with a camera that is just amazing. I love her idea for this blog -- things that make her happy. They make me happy too.

4. 2nd Cup of Coffee. Lidna has a wonderful commentary on life, and is an excellent writer. I don't know who designed her blog but that person is a genius -- and Lid always has great photos to illustrate her very funny writing. My favourite post recently was her accounting of going to the airport to fly to a conference.

5. This Ain't New York. That story about the beavers and the shed had me on the floor. Life, very southern, very real.

Enjoy -- one post leads to another, you know. . .


Queen B said...

Hey thanks!! You just made my weekend!!

Linda said...

Hey, I am completely honored by this!