Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's SUPER JB!

My kid is amazing. She is not even 14 1/2 yet, and she is a genius.

I know every mom says that. But mine really is, honestly and truly. I kid you not. (no pun intended)

And here is why:

A long time ago I bought a new faucet for the half bath. I was astounded at how much water was dripping out of the old one, and thought it should be replaced. It was one of those old single-head knobby models that is what we refer to in decorating as "absolutely vile."

So of course I sat the box with the new faucet in there on the counter as a decorative item. This is what we refer to in decorating as "yeah, yeah, I'll get to it eventually; it's on the list."

I have been pushing the girls to complete some rather big tasks this summer before school starts again. Namely, clean out the side attic and have a garage sale. They have been avoiding me. Nobody meets my gaze anymore when we pass in the kitchen. Hmmm. Could this have something to do with the fact that I ask if their chore is done and if the project is finished before they go play on the Gamecube? Everyone knows that they'd better be busy when they see me.

So JB asked yesterday if she could replace the faucet.

"Sure," I replied.

Huh? What did she just ask me?
I went back to the taxes. I was thinking she would get as far as reading the directions -- if she remembered to do that -- and then wander away having given up before she even started.

Not so. The next time I saw her, she was asking me if we had any WD-40. I looked up from the the taxes, and I told her to ask Dad.

And then I see she and Hunk O Man leaving to go to Lowe's. They apparently needed new pipes. And WD-40.

There was a sound to my right as I typed and ciphered. It was JB in that bathroom under the sink, trying to get connectors to fit.

They mysteriously disappeared to Lowe's again, Hunk O Man and she, and then they came back again.

Then I heard water running. So I went running.

There was a new faucet on the sink. With running water. And none on the floor.

I am not even kidding you. No leaks, no problems, just a beautiful new faucet and stopper.
The dead faucet was laying in the hallway, looking very, well, dead. And ugly.

She actually did it. She disconnected an old faucet, and installed a new one. ON HER OWN. The only real question I had to answer was when she asked where the water shut-off valves were.

I got her on the phone with Pappy immediately. The Master of All Things Handy had to know that finally somebody else in this family has the Handyman Gene. I hooted and hollered and high fives went all round.

And now I am in search of a bumpersticker that says
"Proud Parent of Kid Who Can Install Faucets On Her Own."

To go right beside the one I have currently, which says this:
Which is under my license frame, which says "I'M NOT SPEEDING. I'M QUALIFYING."