Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Great Pantie Wars of 2008

In case you were wondering, here's what life is like with five daughters.

JB is out of panties, folks. So is Bunny.

They announced this to me as they descended the stairs. This is how the conversation went:

JB: Mom. Mom. Are there any panties?
Me: You're out of panties again?
Bunny: Yeah, it's like she wears them or something.
Me: (laughing)
Bunny: What? What's so funny? I'm out of panties too.
Me: (still laughing) Try looking in the green basket in the laundry room.

(they go look in the basket)

JB: I can't find any.
Bunny: She can't find any.
Me: She couldn't find any if there were actually any panties there.
Bunny: True dat.
JB: But I need panties. Mama, what should I do?
Bunny: Seriously. I need panties too.
Me: Well, someone's apparently hoarding them. You're just gonna have to beg them from your sister.
Bunny: Yeah, like THAT's gonna work.
Me: Well, you can go into Bug's room and say 'Wake up! And give us panties! And if you don't get out of bed, we're going to take some!'
Bunny: It will be the great pantie holdup. (holds fingers up like guns) Stick'em up. Hand over the panties.

I am not even kidding you. I'm not smart enough or funny enough to make this stuff up.

I guess I'd better wash a load of whites today. Including panties. ;)


Queen B said...

That is too funny.

Now go wash the clothes.

i am very mary said...

Good grief woman. Can I buy some panties for your girls? I admit, I love panties and must have 100 pair. So, when I'm out of panties? It's bad news.

Katy said...

Ahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Just seriously tooooo hilarious!!! My daughter has like, a bazillion pair of panties....thank goodness!!! LOL Wow...5 girls...I don't know how you do it...LOL! I guess you know what to get them for Christmas now, right?? LOL

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I never knew that one reason I'd be grateful for my kids is that they provide blogging fodder! We do this same thing over socks. Don't you hate dealing with underwear in the laundry?? BTW, I also get weirded out by Jim Carey, but I loved the Vanilla Ice video.I get ya.