Tuesday, August 26, 2008


As if the last couple of posts haven't been random enough!

1. I am sad today. I am pms-ing, which we refer to around here (and there is PL-ENTY around here) as generally crabby, irritable, and blue. My poor husband may have to run away. The girls are having the usual drama with the need for school supplies at 10PM, the need for an unwashed tennis top 10 minutes prior to leaving for the match (black top lost on the black floor), papers for school having to be signed at 11PM, and nobody apparently having the time to clean up the kitchen -- too much tv watching, phone conversing, and computer-game-playing to do.

2. I saw a tutorial on how to make my eyes look bigger. You take this white crayon or pencil and line the inside bottom of your eyelids with it. It makes the whites of your eyes look bigger. I definitely need a hypoallergenic crayon (the little pencils are too small and sharp for me) so my eyes will quit watering, but I do like the effect.

3. My Mama's birthday was last week, the 20th. She was 70, the big 7-0. If you ask her she'll tell you how old she is because she really doesn't care if you know. She's not all caught up in age and beauty and all that. She is rather instead caught up in Beth Moore bible study and the service to others. She serves as a helper/teacher's aide at her church's weekly preschool, which probably either began this week or will next. The kids LOVE her. And I know why.

My husband has a fabulous, extremely uncommon relationship with my mom. He calls her MIL and emails her more frequently than I do (and she's my best friend). I recently told him to get his own mom. Actually, he calls his own mama every Sunday night.

My Mama has always been my role model and my ideal person. She becomes more so the older she gets. She has never really put much stock into the way one looks or appearance in general. This is not to say she doesn't care about how she looks -- she just doesn't put enormous amounts of time into it. For example, she wants a great haircut. So she gets her hair cut and if it's a great cut, she's happy. If it's not, her attitude is generally "well, it's just hair, and it will grow, and there's always next time." I have always said that you could lock my mom in a closet for a year and she'd come out talking about how nice and quiet it was. She always has taken the drama in our family at the point of change; never dwelling on the problem or what caused it, or what its consequences should be, but rather the way to start from this point and fix it. I like that. I tend to want to beat myself and others up for the mistake -- my mom says, well, everybody makes them, and so now what do we do about it?

My Mama has her flaws, and I know what they are. But I don't care. Just the fact that God gave her to me as my mom assures me of many things in the Bible that otherwise, I would just have to take on faith.

So while I'm sure some of your convinced that your mom is the best, I must beg to differ. She just can't compare to mine. Nobody can dish about Project Runway with me like my Mama.

Happy Birthday, Veda.

Thanks for being the best Mom there ever was. Hope I can be as good a one as you.