Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ReFashion 101

Ok, I'm jumping into "refashioning" for a time. That means I'm taking old or thrift store clothing (used) and making it into something new.

Here's my first attempt. It was a Cappagallo camp shirt and elastic waist capris:

Which I turned into a peasant top and elastic waist skirt. I used fabric I had laying around, leftover from purses:

I'm relatively pleased. It's definitely an improvement over what it was!

The second thing was a far cry easier --

This very cute long-sleeved shirt (a hand-me-over from a friend) got a quickie makeover --

Short sleeves. Not much different, but just enough to make JB want to wear it.

More as I remake more leftovers!

1 Comment:

Mavis D. said...

Much better with short sleeves!

Where is the picture of the girls? I missed seeing them. I have five BOYS! LOL