Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Bunny Morphs into Barbie

Ok, so on Sunday we went shopping, Bunny and JB and I. We drove up to Civilization North, which is the less-taxable-different-state version of Civilization South.

However, Civilization North should not to be confused with Civilization Yankee. Civilization Yankee is where Grandma and Pappy live.

We went (to Civilization North) because Bunny found a dress online (basically the only way we can shop without driving long distances) at JCPenney. It was THE dress. It was beautiful. They had it at the JCP in the mall in Civilization North. She called and they put it on hold on Saturday. We told the JCP folks, "We'll come after there's no hurricane."

(hurricane? There was a hurricane? THAT was a hurricane? It makes me think of when we first moved to southern California from Indiana, and we heard "Winter Storm Warning!" on the TV. IT WAS RAINING. Four more years in SoCal confirmed to us that those people simply cannot drive in the rain.)

Anyway. Back to the dress.

We went. We found it. She tried it on.


I told her she looked as if she were trying to play dress up in something of mine. JB's comments were a little nicer -- she said "It's just not you."

The Bunny was unhappy. Then she got a headache.

Now, Bunny is the life of every party. When she was just 3 and Hunk O Man was dropping her off for childcare on Sunday, she peeked her head in the door and said in a voice that would rival Ed McMahon introducing Johnny Carson, "Hey, everybody! It's Bunny!" The party could now begin because she was there to coordinate it!

No kidding. We had our new Pastor and his wife over for pizza on Friday night, and she coordinated all the game playing and fun. She needs to be an event coordinator when she grows up.

But while shopping, she was not a Happy Bunny. JB tried to cheer her up and I gave her ibuprofen. We both told her we would die for her figure. That we loved her. That she was the favourite of all the sisters.

She tried on more dresses. So did JB. Unfortunately, JB is another 2" taller and has a fuller figure, if you know what I mean, wink wink. Everything they tried on (in a whiny voice) "looks better on JB."

So we finally found three dresses that looked fabulous on her. She settled on a lemon yellow short "bubble" dress with obnoxious jewels at the "umpire" waist. Initially she said she wanted me to tear them off and replace them with something else, but now I think she's getting used to them and likes them. JB found a beautiful prom dress for an incredible price, and we also found this pink sparkly strapless thing that I am determined to cut off and make into a bubble dress. And add straps. JB says that she will wear it for homecoming if we don't find her another dress.

Guess what. News flash! We're not looking for another dress.

So even though Bunny was a bit distressed, a bad day shopping with her is better than a great day shopping with OCD-obsessed Rose. I don't know what Rose is doing about her homecoming dress, but I vow to send someone else shopping with her. I love my Rose to death, and I love spending time with her just hanging out, or cooking, or watching movies, or going places. But shopping, no. She is not a shopper.

Shopping is a family event that should only be coordinated by The Bunny.

Hey! Maybe I should send her boyfriend's mom with her! They love her to pieces, and she'd rather spend time over there than here. Shopping would be a great experience for them!

So the upshot of all this shopping is that I have resolved to call Bunny "Barbie" now. Especially after watching her play tennis yesterday. Rose, JB, and Bunny all play tennis, and they all wear the same tennis uniform. They play hard, and they look great.

But Bunny is the one who has the cute earrings, the necklace that matches, and that blonde ponytail swinging behind her matching visor.

So Barbie it is. My little Barbie Doll. The life of the party.