Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Veggie Tales

Over at Ponytail Challenge, Camille is double-daring us to try some new vegetables.

To this, I simply reply "Deceptively Delicious." It's Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook about how to puree the nasty things and sneak them into your regular food.

I am completely not kidding. I sneaked some squash into chicken enchiladas, and Hunk O Man remarked that they were better than usual.

It works like this: you make baby food puree from the steamed veggies, freeze, and then thaw when needed and put into the sauce of whatever you're making.

I think the real trick is to make sure that whatever you use is relatively the same color as whatever you add. For example, beet puree would work nicely in spagetti or pizza sauce. Yellow squash or pumpkin puree would work in macaroni and cheese.

I love a juice I found in California (and is available everywhere) called Naked Juice Green Machine. We affectionately refer to it as pond scum or toad guts. But it's a great-tasting pineapple-based juice with spirulina and spinach and all sorts of green goodness in it. And it's thick, like a milkshake.

So if you can abandon your aviary tendency to judge a food by it's looks, hold your nose, and get the stuff down -- you'll be pleasantly surprised.

I am all in with this double dare. We have church tonight, but everyone will be hungry afterward. I think I may put some peas into some green thing I might have tonight. Hmmm. . .