Tuesday, September 2, 2008


OK, it's not much, but it is handmade by me and a nice addition to your kitchen -- I call it "Tropical Punch."

Just leave a comment with the name of your favourite go-to recipe. On Friday, I'll draw a name, and publish the recipe for everyone.

BTW, I'm trying some of the things in Jessica Seinfeld's "Deceptively Delicious." Yesterday I made brownies complete with zucchini, carrot, and banana puree.
However, I was on a "down day" for the Alternate Day Diet, so I didn't even get to try them! My southern friends here told me they were good . . . but you never know with these proper southern women. :)


sphinx63 said...

How can you say that "it's not much"! It's beautiful! My apron is horrible. Thanks for the chance!

quitecontrary1977 said...

gorgeous, for real. my fave go-to recipe for my meat-eating friends is my family's italian meatball recipe that my great grandmother created back in the homeland! everyone loves this recipe!

Self-Sufficient Sara said...

That apron is amazing! My favorite Go-to-recipe would have to be bread bowl chili. There are so many more veggies involved in this recipe. It is awesome when served in a bread bowl. I love it to tears. Oh yeah and Jen I love your blog!I hope it is alright but I added you to my awesome resources list.


Beachy Mimi said...

Cute! My old standby is chicken and rice. Like chicken, rice, cream of celery, mushroom, and chicken soups, water. Bake. Eat.

Beeb said...

That apron is SO CUTE!! I can totally see myself prancing around the kitchen in that.

My go-to recipes when I'm totally braindead seem to involve pasta. If I'm burned out after work, I'll toss some mushrooms and canned artichokes in a pan of Pasta Roni! When I have a guest popping over, pasta turns into a sure-fire crowd pleaser. I make homemade meatballs by mixing ground beef with bread crumbs, spices, onion, garlic, and an egg. Then I toss in whatever veg sounds good, and serve with garlic bread and a nice salad. I seem to serve this a lot, but it always goes over well!

Thank you for offering this giveaway! My email is: fwuffles@jaided.com :)

Bunny B said...

I want that apron! It's super cute!! :) My fave recipe would be this easy baked chicken that's marinated with lots of soy sauce and black pepper! Thanks :)

bunnybx at gmail . com

Fuschia said...

LOVE the apron, but then again I've never met an apron I didn't at least like!
My go-to recipe...Dark Chocolate, Cranberry, Oatmeal Cookies! They make EVERYTHING better...especially, "There's nothing for dinner!" ;)

Isaac said...

This apron would be a beautiful gift for my wife. My favorite recipe to turn to when things get hectic for my wife is Home-made Mac&Cheese. That is my son's favorite thing.

email me at isaac.carlson@gmail.com

Paige said...

I love that apron. My favorite quick dinner is chicken wraps. You take leftover chicken (that you grilled sometime earlier in the week), put it on a tortilla with some cheese, lettuce and tomato, add some black beans if you feel like it, and there you go. Most of my kids will eat it, too.

And did I mention that I LOVE that apron?