Thursday, September 4, 2008

PR Dish


Leatha Stella is OUT! Whatever the leatha shall we do? My leatha heart is just breaking!

She said to Heidi as she left, "Well, my ego was a little too big for this place." In the words of our Bunny, "true dat."

She made a nice outfit with a leather cape, which made the whole thing just look silly:

for the legendary Diane Von Furstenberg's new collection, based on a "spy" look:

(is it me, or is this woman's speaking voice just AMAZING? I could listen to her talk all day long. She could easily replace Edward Hermann's voice putting me to sleep every night)

LeAnne won with this -- I like LeAnne, and I hope she gets into the top 3 --

Although I had a hard time deciding whether or not Korto got robbed of a win with this:

because it looks very DVF from her runway collection. But I'm not wild about Korto as a person, so there you go.
Suede, the one with the blue mohawk, made this:

to which I replied with this:

I think Stella's outfit was better. But I do like Mr. 'Speaks of Himself in the Third Person' Suede, so I'm glad he's not out.

I really think that being out has more to do with whether or not your outfit was good enough and whether the leftover people constitute "good tv."

Talk about subjective.

On a whole 'nother subject, thanks everyone for the giveaway comments! I'll choose one via Random Integer Generator tomorrow around 3PM, and I'll have a recipe for you!

And I am loving the Alternate Day Diet! 6 lbs. so far! Wa-hooey!