Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Big News

There is never any lack of drama at our house. It is Drama Central most of the time.

Nonetheless, Babydoll wants to be an actress when she's grown up. And she's been involved in a couple of local theatre productions -- "Oliver," and "The Wizard of Oz." In both plays she was cast as an extra, and had a small singing part in Oliver as a milkmaid.

So for a year now, she's had her eye on the upcoming production, "Peter Pan." She wanted the part of Wendy.

On Monday night, I drove her to the theatre and she auditioned. And so did I. My thinking was that if I had to drive her to rehearsal all the time, I might as well have something to do myself. I thought they'd cast her as one of the Lost Boys and me as some pirate standing in the back holding some pirate thing.

Not so!

Babydoll sang her heart out, and did her best british accent. And she was cast as Wendy!

I did not sing my heart out, but I did do a pretty good british accent. And I was cast as Mrs. Darling!

So we'll be ferrying ourselves back and forth to our local theatre, which is 30 minutes away, all of October and November. We open December 4 and run weekend through the 14th.

Babydoll is beside herself. And it's nice to have a happy girl around!

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Beachy Mimi said...

What fun! Congratulations!