Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Randomness

I like helping the girls study for tests. One year I learned all the pertinent details about North Carolina's history and the part it played in our country's independence. Last night it was all about how DNA, RNA, viruses, and bacteria work. Seriously microbiology -- stuff about translation and transduction and mutation and cytoplasm and splicocenes.

After two chapters I thought my brain was going to explode. But Rose just kept giving the right answers! My children are brilliant. What can I say?

Well, I can say this: I think they get all that intelligence from their Daddy!

Have you ever heard of Cheap Stingy Bargains? This website has a plethora of deals. A nice freebie list, too. You can get it via email each week. It's especially useful when you are in the market for virtually any electronic device -- but it also has list after list of deals no matter what you seek. Lately I've been printing coupons and checking out money-saving websites and blogs. But I've gotten CSB for a couple of years now.

Another great money-saver is the Dollar Stretcher. You can get both the regular newsletter and a weekly "reader's tips" newsletter via email. It always has good stuff and lots of links to everything frugal.

I'm getting ready today to go freeze to death up in Ohio, which is "Civilization Yankee." (as opposed to "Civilization North, which is just Virginia").

It is amazing to me that I have two roses and all my impatiens still in my yard, blooming. Even my sweet alyssum is still going strong, even though our nighttime temps have been in the 30's and 40's. But my Mama says that it's cold up north. I'll have to break out the turtlenecks and winter coats. Brr. I may have been born there but I most certainly do not belong there.

I belong on a tropical beach with warm ocean water. Most definitely.

And lastly, tonight is the first swim meet of the season. My Rabid-Screaming-Jumping-Up-and-down-Totally-Embarassing-My-Swimmers -Inner-Swim-Mama is about to emerge.

And you know, all that hollering is so effective when their heads are under water. Like they even can hear me. Or would go faster if they actually could hear me.

And that makes me laugh, so I hope it makes you laugh as well. Have a pointlessly screaming good weekend! I will!


p.s. I am totally IN LOVE with these boots, which I could never afford. It's the cute heel --


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I'm lovin' that heel, too!

Fuschia said...

I love me some warm boots...those warm boots!